Morgellons Support Group Formed To Confront Society's Abuse Of Disease Victims 10/2/18


Morgellons Support Group Formed To Confront Society’s Abuse Of Disease Victims

A new support group for double abused victims of Morgellons Disease has been formed by Richard Kuhns B.S. Ch.E., the author of “How to Get Your Life Back From Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.” The support group’s first meeting was held by phone on September 25 , 2018 and was attended by over thirty participants who each shared the toll the disease has taken on their lives.

This is the first support group of its kind and Richard believes this is the next step in the healing process that many of the participants have never experienced. He states emphatically, “Sufferers of Morgellons disease are often isolated and cut-off from family and society with absolutely no support. Instead there's confusion, despair, depression, anger, and poverty with little hope. Some lose their family, jobs or careers, and homes.”

The CDC claims the disease is psychologically induced and when victims of this hideous disease seek medical attention they are often abused or ignored and given a diagnosis of being “delusional.”

What’s even worse than being mistreated by the medical community is having your own family taking the side of the doctors and believing in their diagnosis. This is called the Iatrogenic Effect which further abuses the suffering family member by echoing the doctor and calling them “mental.” This is in effect, a double abuse against the victim which has caused many of these people to teeter on the brink of suicide.

The call, which lasted more than an hour, allowed the participants to share the isolation this disease has caused them. Many are unable to work or be employed nor can they have contact with their family members. If they do, they are dismissed as being “crazy” which many cannot handle the shame brought upon them by the people they love.

Those who participated in the phone call expressed much gratitude for the meeting in that they were able to hear from other’s horror stories which helped them feel like they are not alone in their suffering.

Morgellons is a disease characterized by weird filaments growing from one’s skin accompanied by relentless itching and biting sensations. There are many other manifestations such as black goo oozing from the skin, non healing lesions, as well as bug or worm-like things emanating from the skin.

The impact of dealing with Morgellons is a far cry from the support these participants have encountered in their fight to overcome the devastating effects of the disease.

The next Morgellons support group meeting of this nature is planned for Wednesday Oct 3 rd at 5:30 pm EST and Richard hopes additional victims will show up to speak about their own experiences.

To join the support group, go to and register to receive Richard’s free ebook version of “How to Get Your Life Back From Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.” You will then be enrolled to receive further updates and invitations to sponsored events.

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