Skin Parasite Survivor Pens Definitive Book On Morgellons Disease 2018-03-06


For years The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) considered Morgellons Diseasee to be just a Psychiatric Disorder yet for chemical engineer Richard Kuhns, no psychiatric disorder could positively explain the sheer hell he went through dealing with the effects of parasites on his body. While dislodging a vine from a pine tree in his back yard, a cloud of dust descended upon him that changed his life forever. Within days, his life was turned upside down with relentless itching, biting sensations, rashes and lesions all over his body.

No over the counter remedy made a difference for him and the doctors he visited either shook their heads in denial or thought he was delusional. While researching the root causes of the disease, he discovered he was not alone in his torment. Many others have suffered from the same or similar symptoms such as:
1. Relentless itching and biting sensations that go to the bone with excruciating pain
2. Endless rashes and lesions that would never heal
3. Strange colored filaments growing from the skin
4. Organisms emanating from their skin (worms, insects, skeletal things)
5. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, incredibly painful joints, as well as significant problems with both concentration and memory.

It was through his detailed and exhaustive research that he decided to write a book that would help others suffering from the same dreaded symptoms so they could go on to lead healthy and productive lives. The book, entitled How To Get Your Life Back - Unraveling The Connection Between Chronic Lyme And Morgellons is filled with useful information gathered from years of vigorous research regarding new treatment options in dealing with the onset and care needed to overcome the effects of Morgellons disease.

Writing the book was a long and grueling adventure. At various times, he has been shunned by the medical community and called a charlatan for bringing this information to the public. But for him, he has recently been vindicated by new research by a team from Oklahoma State University-Center for Health Sciences led by Randy S. Wymore PhD that confirms his findings of Borrelia DNA in Morgellons skin samples.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish with this book after Morgellons disease has been dismissed by both doctors and the CDC. He states unequivocally, "The public needs to be made fully aware of the dangers with this disease. I have suffered greatly as have many others and the health establishment is doing a great disservice to its citizens by not recognizing Morgellons as a legitimate disease because the research the CDC did a few years back was inherently flawed." The book is available at most book retailers as well as online at both Barnes & Noble and as well as on his website at He has garnered hundreds of testimonials from Morgellons sufferers around world for its brutal honesty, depth of research and treatment options given.

About Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E: He is the world's leading expert on skin parasites. From his personal experience and research, he wrote the first book about skin parasites in 2006 and has recently released his new version How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.