Salacytic Acid And Benzyl peroxide used for Morgellons Disease 3/15/19


There are many ways of "skinning a cat," as they say. David found value in Salacylic Acid and Benzoil Peroxide which are most often used for acne. He writes,

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your emails. I'll be brief because I know you're busy. I have had serious skin problems for over 8 years, but last year my hand and face were affected with something that was burrowing into my skin. The only OTC products that seem to help are Salacylic Acid and Benzoil Peroxide. I noticed that you state that none of your in-store products have Salacylic Acid or Benzoil Peroxide. Both seem to be good debriding agents for the things growing on/in my skin. When I stopped using Benzoil Peroxide, I noticed that during that time the growths/cysts on my skin seemed to "recover" and start growing again, but when I started putting the Benzoil Peroxide back on, a lot of nasty stuff starting flaking off my face (and hand). However, it still doesn't work completely; it just seems to expose the burrows more. Please let me know your thoughts on Salacylic Acid and Benzoil Peroxide.
I have other questions but I'll limit myself to this one today.
HI David,
I look at beating Morgellons by usin``hjng what works for most people. If I remember correctly, Salacylic Acid is mentioned in my book along with many other things that have been used by others at one time or another.
The analogy I use is that of a tree. The trunk of the tree is the diet. And then tree has maybe one hundred or more limbs. Salacytic acid would be one of those limbs. If my protocol consisted of all those limbs it would drive everyone nuts. So, what I've done is to find out what works for most people to limit it to about 15 limbs.
So, if Salacylic Acid and Benzoil Peroxide work for you, great, keep using them. However, they are not something I'd recommend as a side effect for some using salacylic acid are:
  • hives
  • itching
  • peeling skin
  • stinging or tingling
Benzoil peroxide can aggravate the following skin conditions
And strangely enough for some, having Morgellons exacerbates existing conditions of eczema.
As I noted, the diet is the trunk of the tree. I have no idea if you're on the diet or if you're strict with it.

With regard to our skin products, the good news is that they won't contribute to the above issues. However, knowing how to use them is important. Generally, being aggressive as reported in Itching and Lesions Gone for Morgellons is important. I've been told that massaging in the exfoliant cream causes organisms to surface. And, it's always important to add water to the skin as one is massaging in the cream. And being aggressive is to apply it often in the beginning--as much as every 15 minutes if needed.
If you complete the attached questionnaire, I'll be glad to provide you with a detailed list of recommendations that you can study and use or not use.
Hope this helps
I thank David for writing and hope my answer makes sense. Several years ago I remember a lady who used salacytic acid among other things to help extract skeletal barbs from her skin that were about 3" in length. However, if you do try them, be very much aware of the side effects.