Disinfecting for Morgellons and Oxygen Therapy 4/15/19


Hello Richard,

Firstly, you sent me some products a awhile back and I may not have thanked you; brain isn't what it used to be, you know, I know!
Quick question, what is your opinion regarding ozone generator buying in order to gas//cleanse home and water drinking along w/ intravenous infusions?
Hope you are as well as can be and I appreciate your getting back to me as time allows---busy man u are. 
Hi Kristin,
Many use our ozone generator to clear their environment. You can read about it at
However, I think a more effective, efficient, and less time consuming way may be to use the new electrostatic sprayer, if affordable. Read more about it at
With ozone you need one unit for each 500 square feet and to run it over the course of 2.5 hrs and evacuate the room. So, if you want to treat several rooms at the same time,  you'd need roughly one or more units per room and have to close off and leave those rooms for that period of time.
With the electrostatic sprayer you could treat all the rooms in about 15 minutes and not leave the area.
With regard to drinking oxygenated water, (if I understood your question) I've never heard of anyone doing that, however, I highly highly recommend infusing your water with our ionic minerals. They raise the PH to around 10, provide you all the minerals in the right balance, and purify your water--that's right. A sachet of coral can purify drinking water from any organisms.
With regard to oxygen IV, I don't have any experience or have had any feedback on it's impact with respect to skin parasites. I would suspect it to be expensive too. The alternate approach I recommend is using 35% hydrogen peroxide daily. You can read more about it at
With regard to the products we sent you, you're welcome. Actually, you want to thank those who subscribe to the updates at $4.95/mo and those who donate as those funds go to help those in need.

I thank Kristin for writing. Clearing the environment can be one's largest challenge. The ozone generator is not a quick cure. For certain mites, you have to run the unit for 21 days straight. But again, I'm not suggesting that you run out to buy the electrostatic sprayer. One lady claimed it to be a "game changer" and she's volunteered to help others get results. However, it's new and we're awaiting on feed back from others who have also purchased it. Plus, it's been difficult to find inventory of this unit so it could take a couple weeks to receive it once ordered.

Regarding oxygen therapy. I'm not the big expert on that. Some have reported looking into
hyperbaric oxygen treatments. It can be used for healing lesions, however, I don't have any feedback on that approach from anyone for its use with Morgellons disease, plus I can't imagine it being inexpensive. And, obviously, the diet, disinfecting and cleaning your skin are still very important.

However, food grade peroxide may be of value in the fight against Morgellons disease. Read more about it on my 3/17/19 update but again, it won't replace the need for the diet, disinfecting and cleaning your skin.

And yes, donations and subscriptions from others support our program for providing free starting supplies to those who are financially challenged. FYI we entered a contest to win $20,000 with the money going to expanding this program dramatically, but we didn't win so we do the best we can with what we have.