How to Get Rid of Spores and Crystals from Morgellons... 9/26/18


Jane, our researcher who is scouring the research to find the cause of Morgellons Disease, was telling me how she loved our exfoliant cream. So, I asked her to send me an email explaining how she used it. Here's what she wrote,

"I started using Beauty Forever Exfolliant trial pack. I think since then I have reordered it at least a dozen times, which is something I haven’t done with any of the dozens of other products I’ve tried while having both Colembolla and Morgellon’s.

This product is unique in my experience. When you apply it, any spores, crystals and other nasty shouldn’t-be-theres instantly are attracted to the skin’s surface and can be immediately removed. Other products have done something similar but they stop working quickly as these invaders adjust their chemistry. Beauty Forever Exfolliant has never failed me.

Additionally, the product is smooth, very emollient and soothing to the skin even as the endo- and exotoxins are excreted with the particles. It continues to pull smaller and smaller stuff to the surface and allows the skin to start recovery and continues to work until it wipes clean (I use the peppermint mouthwash or a solution of sodium citrate to end the process). After my skin feels smooth and soft.

A very little bit goes a long way. It is so effective that a light touch of a sponge cue tip will spread at least a quarter sized area and just that much is highly effective in pulling out the nasties.

I credit  this product for the fact that I have few lesions and if a small one starts, it heals quickly,
within a day or so. I won’t be without it. Finally, something that works for me.!

I thank Jane for sharing her experience. I didn't know how she was using it or what it was doing. I learned a lot about how it can be used reading her account. You can apply the mouth wash/body wipe solution to the affected area and then apply the exfoliant cream and massage it into the skin until its absorbed. You can reapply the mouthwash/body wipe as you massage in the exfoliant and finish applying more mouthwash/body wipe. 

And, as in my last update about Nature's Gift™, I say, "Be aggressive!" Don't just apply it once a day and expect miracles. Instead, apply frequently through out the day and apply even when you don't feel you need it. The good news is that beyond it being a beauty cream, it's a beauty cream with a purpose so keep using it to keep your skin hydrated, young, resilient, healthy, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Jane notes that its an emollientin that it soothes and heals dry skin. Remember, it does everything the most expensive skin creams do PLUS it cleans your skin of debris and organisms that should not be there.

What makes Beauty Forever Xfoliant so special is that in addition to containing Nature's GiftDebriding Soap concentrate, it contains ionic minerals and ellagic acid which is from the red and black raspberry grown in WA. The raspberry is what gives the exfoliant cream it's brownish purple color.

Another plus is that Jane feels that she's a woman using a beauty cream instead of a desperate sufferer using some kind of smelly goop on her face and body. And, isn't that what we all want to feel? Human again?

Please note that your experience may be different than Jane's. If you'd like to share what your favorite Nature's Gift™ or Beauty Forever product is and how you use it and what it does for you, please do so and return this email--we learn from other's experiences.