Beating Morgellons Is A Lot of Work 1/12/19


If you speak to anyone who has gotten their life back from skin parasites, they will tell you that it's a lot of work and that the diet can be a challenge. Robin, who is very new to the program asks several questions (my answers are in red),

Hi Richard,
I am on stage one of the diet. This is day 7. I am feeling a little discouraged. When I do my end of the day parasite cleaning, there seem to be just as many as there always were, and I am still getting bites and lesions, although less. It can take you weeks to get them out of your environment. It took me 3 months to get them out of a leather couch. You have to disinfect any area you plan to occupy about 20 min before you occupy it and you need to disinfect any area you occupy when you leave it.
I have stayed on the diet faithfully, I have tried the MAX vitamin, but when I take it after a meal it makes me instantly throw up. I can try taking it between meals, but that is not always easy on the days I am out and about. If you're referring to MaxOne, you can open the capsule and sprinkle a little on your food. One capsule could last you two days for starters. 
I really miss black tea. I can’t drink green tea because I am allergic to it. Green tea has more antioxidants, but the black tea I have has no additives. Do you think it might be ok? It's generally not the tea, but the additives they put in it. But you need to get symptom free before testing it. 
Also, the best stevia I’ve found has Erythrotol in it. All other brands have sugar in one form or another. I do have sweet and low in the house, and I could use that instead, please let me know what you think. Puritan Pride has a stevia by Now that has no additives. Anything ending in ol is most likely a problem. Sweet and Low is not on the diet
Finally, my dermatologist prescribed Mirtazapine instead of the drugs you suggested. The first dose put me to sleep for 11 hours and made me groggy and disoriented. I cut the dose in half and tried it for another 3 days, but I had side effects of nausea, memory problems and a rash, so I discontinued it. It's unfortunate he won't prescribe one of the meds on the list. No one has reported benefit from Mitazapine. We do have a doctor who will work with you by phone. If you want, let me know.

help!!! please.

Thank you.

Here are a couple more questions from Shanna that you might like to read:
I have 2 questions. I’m dealing with them in my nose and in my lips. Can I use a qtip soaked in 50% concentrated NG1 to clean the inside of my nose? And what would the best way to clean my face and eyelid area cause I think they are there? I bought the 50% soap and the MSM super gel and the bar soap and peppermint drops. And today just awhile ago I took my first bath with the 50% NG1, Dead Sea salt, borax, hydrogen peroxide and a 1/3 cup of apple cider vineger. I’m amazed at the stuff that has already come outta my skin! F But how do I clean my face and inside my nose?
Hi Shanna,
Thanks for writing
Yes, you can use a q tip, but you might use the diluted body wipe, which is about 30 drops in 4 oz of water, wipe instead of the 50%. Regarding your face and eye-lid area you might use either our NG debriding cream or our Nature's Gift Skin Lotion, or the Beauty Forever Revitalization Cream.
Caution: never mix peroxide with vinegar--they get cancelled out and form a chemical instead of disinfectihg.

I thank both Robin and Shanna for writing for clarification. I forgot to mention in Shanna's response that we have a lip balm that's gotten great feed back. In fact one fellow ordered 15 of them at once. When I wrote and asked if he made a mistake on his order, he replied, "No, I use it whenever I feel any thing happening on my skin."

Regarding disinfectants, mixing disinfectants in your bath is a good idea, however, you want to make sure that the ones you mix aren't going to cancel each other out or create some other chemical. If you remember chemistry, an acid, like vinegar plus a base, like baking soda will create a salt. So if you want to mix two things, go to Google and search for "Mixing vinegar and peroxide together" for instance using any two disinfectants you desire.

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