White Sticky Stuff Revisited  2/26/18

Yesterday's update was about white sticky stuff in the laundry. I was wondering if this was a new variation of Morgellons or something else; and am glad to hear that it may well be something else

Gaylinn had the same problem and found it was that the pods of detergent she was using were not dissolving with ammonia and created the same problem. And, when she switched to a liquid detergent, the problem went away--it had nothing to do with parasites. That's good news.

And in response to that same update, Dennis shared how he gets all the debris out of his clothing.

Yes, I am using ammonia also I spray every article of clothing down then when I put the stuff in the dryer I will spray one piece of clothing and spray the whole drum in the dryer with ammonia but I am getting some real results with using a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. It traps all of the debris in the water when you are vacuuming the floors, furniture, animals, and everything. You will be amazed at what this stuff looks like it's diabolical. 

I vacuum my clothes and I get a ton of debris out of my clothing so that's my answer to the laundry.  As far as for myself, Rainbow vacuums are very expensive new, but there are quite a few of them on eBay and the different places that sell used stuff from $100 to $1,700 is what I've seen. They are very powerful and hope this helps.

I thank both Gaylinn and Dennis for sharing. I don't know how a Rainbow vacuum works regarding vacuuming clothing, but it looks like it solves the problem of debris getting past filters and reinfecting the surroundings by taking the debris into a water bath. And from Gaylinn's discovery, it looks like switching to a liquid detergent solves the problem of white sticky stuff being created in the laundry. And of course, I would recommend using our laundry soap, not only because it's green--made from renewable plant sources instead of chemicals, but users tell me it does a better job of cleaning the fibers of your clothing than detergents. And of course purchasing it helps keep us here for you.

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