Clearing Environment for Morgellons Disease, Mites, and Other Skin Parasites 1/23/19


One of the three things that is important to do is to clear the organisms from your environment. Many find that spraying ammonia is sufficient. And some find that more is needed. This update is about more than chemicals or pesticides that you spray by hand.

One long standing approach is to fog cedarcide. While I've had a few swear by this approach, I've had many invest up to a thousand dollars and get little if any results.

Instead, I've been recommending ozone. The 10,000 mg/hr ozone generator is only about $150 and can be used over and over again. The drawback is that one unit is needed for each 500 square feet and the area has to be vacated while the ozone generator is being used.

And now, thanks to Mark, a fellow dealing with Collembola and who also has several dogs and a cat, we now have the hand held electrostatic sprayer.

It works like this: Your surroundings are positively charged. The electrostatic sprayer deposits a negative charge on what is sprayed through it. The result is a fine mist of negatively charged particles that are attracted evenly to all surfaces. This means you don't get one area loaded up with the spray and another area missed.

Now for the good news. You can use NG with the
Victory Electrostatic Sprayer--that's all you need--a capful of NG in 32 oz of water along with an optional essential oil of your choice -even cedar if you desire. And you don't need to vacate the area. It's safe for pets and fish (depending on the choice of your essential oil).

And you don't have to disinfect ceilings, walls, or floors with mechanical devices--just spray the mist toward the ceiling or wall and you're done. It's like iron filings being attracted to a magnet. The negatively charge particles from the sprayer are attracted to the surface of the ceiling, wall, or floor--even carpeting. Perfect for your car too and easy to treat your AC circulating system too.

I remember when I spent months getting the organisms out of the foot rest of my couch. After two months of spraying the foot rest top and bottom, I realized I was overlooking the tuff of the fabric on the ends of the foot rest and that's where they were attacking me again and again.

With the electrostatic sprayer, you don't have to directly hit the infected area with the spray, the mist will be attracted to the surface and coat it evenly so the likely hood of missing an area is eliminated. And, this is a no-brainer for AC heating duct work. Just turn it on and spray into the air intake.

And it's totally safe for electronics. No damage to circuits, lap tops, monitors, and so on. It's new and now in our on-line store at The only draw back is that the unit is about $700. Relatively speaking, if you needed three or four ozone generators to do your home, it wouldn't be more more. And consider this, when you're finished with it, you can sell it on ebay for about $450. I haven't checked lately, but there was one there a few days ago.

A larger back pack version of this unit is used for disinfecting cruise ships, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and so on. If you work in a facility of that nature, this could be a business opportunity for you as well. If so, contact me.