Questions About Supplements for Morgellons 6/24/19


Morgellons disease ravages your body of essential nutrients. If you go to a nutritionist for recommendations, you can end up with twenty different supplements totally about $500 per month or more and find out that some of them, because of other ingredients, actually feed Morgellons. From my research, personal experience, and working with hundreds of others, I've identified four basic supplements that are appropriate for everyone. Susan asks about all four of them.

Hi Richard,

I would like to order your garlic product 
But wanted to make sure it's not the same product as  the product in the PDF you
Distributed.  I can't remember the name 
Of it.  It was not very good and I didn't
Feel like it was very effective.
I also want to order the multi vitamin.  I know
You were using a Rainbow product but now I see a Puritan Pride product.  Do you have experience that this works and doesn't attract the critters.  
I have had trouble with taking mineral supplements in the past they seem to cause
Inflammation.  I want to order the ionic minerals and thought I might be able to use
Them in a foot bath and take them in that
Way.  Can't do regular baths because of
Severe osteoporosis and risk of falling.
Thank you for your help.



Hi Susan,

"The pdf was about allicin. We have it in two strengths. The regular garcillin and Garcillin II at which is said to be three or four times stronger than the regular garcillin. The recommended dosage is 1 cap per day, however, depending on what you're using it for, you  may have to go to 6 or so a day to achieve results and then gradually down to 1 or 2 per day.


For instance, I have to take two a day to keep a systemic virus at bay. If I miss a day or two or drop to one a day because I forgot to bring them home and ran out over a week end, I get symptoms. Perhaps if I went to 6 per day for a few weeks, I'd get rid of the viral issue forever, I just don't know and haven't tried it as I'm happy where I am.
As far as multiple vitamins go, I was extremely disappointed when Rainbow Light discontinued the multi vitamin. It took me days of research to find one that is most compatible with the diet. None are perfect. Even rainbow light had some ingredients on the "no" list, but apparently low enough in amounts that it was OK.
The best vitamin I found was the piping Rock multi. But, at the last minute I noticed it had pumpkin in substantial quantity which eliminates it for Stage I for those with Collembola until they reach mid Stage II of the diet. However, pumpkin might be OK for Morgellons people in Stage I--I just don't know.
The best alternative I found was the Puritan Pride. It's not a great vitamin, but it is a basic one until one can shift to the Piping Rock vitamin. Unfortunately, we're presently out of stock and have been waiting two weeks for Puritan Pride to fill our order.
Minerals are very important for you. Have you tried our ionic minerals in your drinking water? It's suggested one sachet per day. You might get a quart glass or lexan bottle and put in one sachet and drink only half of it during the day so you'll start with effectively 1/2 sachet instead of one.
You didn't ask about it, but one very super important supplement is MaxOne to boost glutathione. Boosting glutathione reduces oxidative stress which can be a major contributing factor in osteoporosis.
Hope this helps
She wrote back,
Thanks Richard.
I wanted to order the max one but I am very sensitive to Ribose, I really feel sick when I use it.  I looked for an alternative and found
Pure Encapsulations glutathione.  I do well with their products so I will use that along
With the other products you suggest.
Definitely time to try another plan.

" Hi Susan,
I just checked it out,
other ingredients: gelatin capsule (gelatin, glycerin, water), extra virgin olive oil. Sorry, but what is in red is a recipe for disaster."

I thank Susan for writing. I strongly suggest to not substitute other products for the one's I recommend and this is one of the reasons--the ingredients are not compatible with the Diet. The second reason is that substitute products, even if the ingredients are OK, often only provide a fraction of the potency of the supplements I recommend.

Regarding use of the ionic minerals in your bath: Definitely, after you have used them in your drinking water, you can put them in your bath to absorb toxins from your skin. While some have reported success by massaging in the NG soap as they shower, if affordable, there are bath tubs that have a door that you can walk into and sit rather than have to lie down. In the shower, they generally wet their skin, turn off the shower, and massage in the NG bar or liquid soap for several minutes and then shower off.