Morgellons--A condition that attracts being ridiculed and belittled--Sunday Call 12/1/19


A condition that attracts being ridiculed and belittled. Sunday Call 11/10/19

Richard relays - 

  A lady tells me that she drove four hours to see the super specialist of dermatology who was God of all mighty of a dermatologist and had to wait so long to see him.  

•  It was doctor training day so he had interns with him.  He examined her and returned to the room with his interns and, instead of acknowledging Morgellons as a disease, ridiculed this woman by saying, “This is an example of a psychosis this is an example of how people go to extremes to get attention and belittled her.

•  Robyn stated, “I went to a dermatologist and he said that he was going to prescribe me an anti-psychotic because it was all in my head.”

•  “My family thought I was crazy and the doctors thought I was delusional and I had nowhere to turn.  Your book saved my life.”

•  Robin’s incredible and inspiring news.

•  Coming from where she thought she'd have to burn her house down to now over a coarse of seven months she has got her life back.  

•  A lady from Chicago relays her frustrations.

I am having a big problem with fibers in my apartment, I have a problem with mold and have tried everything to get rid of it.

•  Richard relayed chapter 3 in his book “How to get your life back” is the longest and most extensive chapter on dealing with disinfecting your home.  

•  Additional advice given regarding how to determine if mites, collembolla, mold and slime mold are infecting your home from outside influences beyond your control or if it can be dealt with by disinfecting.  

•  Two important points noted.

1) Your home is able to be made a safe home by following the disinfection protocol.
2) You need to move because outside influences will nil and void the disinfection protocol.

•  Overlooking an important part in the book - Managing Stress!

•  Frustration, aggravation, anger, depression, uncertainty and untold stress that stays with you 24 hours a day seven days a week, 365 days a year.  It remains with you as in Robins case for three years until it was sorted out.

•  Low-level fight-or-flight response hormones are highly toxic to your body.

•  How to deal with toxic stress hormones. 

 The program is about implementing a call to action to de-stress all these emotions, get you progressively functional in actioning the various protocols to get your life back. 

•  It is only when the specifics in my protocol have been addressed in a stress free way that progress is made.

•  Deep breathing got me off my blood pressure meds!

•  A lady shared how she had a history of high blood pressure and through deep breathing she went off blood pressure medication. 
•  Why are we not managing stress and curtailing these hormones that are doing nothing but causing you to itch more and be more symptomatic? 

•  Barbara (one of our coaches) relays how she combats stress. 

•  I've noticed when I’m stressed, the inability to sleep and you get stuck in exhaustion and unable to focus. 

•  I de-stress by putting my hands together, slightly apart and feel the energy from one hand to the another.  It's like a massage and I do deep breathing. Sensing the energy in my body and being thankful for balance in my body.  

•  The balance comes and the depression and exhaustion leaves.

•  Richard outlined the cause and effect of stress, symptoms in the body and highlighted in response to Barbara that the inability to focus is because your IQ takes a huge dip along with the stress. 

•  Specifics were shared on how to accelerate managing stress that will de-stress you much faster bringing back your IQ so you can get productive versus the stress of destructive. 

•  Managing stress and moving past it.

•  A caller relays.

•  Gratitude and thankfulness.

 Being thankful for the moment in your life.  Gratitude for just being able to breathe and eat knowing there are so many things that other people can't do that we can do.  

•  Managing stress brings in these positive thoughts with ease instead of negative thoughts breeding dis-ease.

•  A note from the transcriber of this call.

•  I can fully identify with gratitude and thankfulness.  Often I will recall this video I saw of an amazing man with no arms and legs and what he is doing in his life.  He talks about being thankful.  When you watch this video you will know all about thankfulness and gratitude.  Going forward you’ll feel inadequate when you think of all the negative thoughts that so easily flood your mind with this condition especially when you think of this man.

How can this man be so happy I wondered, and as I watched more of his video’s I saw he is permanently indulging in the best free medicine of life, laughter, instigated by a great sense of humor.

• Lots of laughter by everyone on the call.

•  Everyone laughed at how we do crazy things to ourselves by the negative thoughts of stress and we could identify how since we are managing stress that we noticed how enlivened you are and how stress drains your energy completely.  

 Moving past stress allows you to see the negative impact of stress so clearly.

•  Listening to this call I laughed with everyone and I felt simply amazing.

•  Inspiration.  Looking back to see how far you have come.

•  Another lady relays:

I got this three years ago and I took a lot of pictures of myself.  Looking back I've come so far, I’ve healed so much and that is inspiring.

•  Richard relayed that what the laldy has is a photo journal and talks about general journaling which is important to keep us on track as it’s so easy to have a set back and have everything come crashing down on us and fall into a slump of negativity.

•  Journaling is vital to keep you on track.

•  What are the Morgellons filaments?

•  The filaments are comprised of keratin and collagen they are also embedded with spirochetes the borrelia burgdorferi spirochete bacteria. 

•  "It is understood that the filaments themselves are not contagious but what makes them contagious is the spirochetes.  This is my speculation," Richard relays.

•  The important point to note with Morgellons is that there are infinite variations of so many assortments of things and each person has different symptoms. 

•  Tears, despair, depression and being overwhelmed.  

•  Lots of trauma noted with new comers on the call and Richards sound advice clearly simmered things down giving hope where there was none. 

•  Advice for new comers 

1)  To get a contact number for a support buddy to get you passed being overwhelmed, so you can have support, be inspired and get constructive in getting your life back.

2)  To fill in questionnaire so Richard can provide you with detailed tailor made recommendations.

•  Together we stand, divided we fall.

•  Callers on the program were very supportive and invited the new comers to allow them to be their support buddies.

•  A definite ease in tone from the new comers was noted with all the love and support given on this call.

•  A huge Thank you to Richard in his dedication of bringing people together to fight this battle, take charge and get our lives back.

We all love you Richard.

Author - Diane Shannon (South-Africa)
Alias  -  Morgellons and Slime Mold on youtube

Optimal Wellness is a condition of complete physical, mental and social vitality, not simply the nonappearance of dis-ease symptoms"
- Diane Shannon -