70 Yr Old Legs with Morgellons Disease Healed 10/14/18


Paula writes to share her success in dealing with Morgellons Disease.

"Richard I had stayed on the diet only able to eat eggs onions green beans and butter fish beef and chicken. I was taking the garcillin and MaxOne but when I added the NG soap my skin became healthier.  I finally started to use the dream cream every night at bed time and take at least one of my baths in a 3-4 hour soak of two capfuls of NG soap with 1/2 cup epsom salts,1/2 cup of Braggs apple cider vinegar and used the NG ionic minerals on the hot bath water. I never thought my 70 year legs which were swollen and discolored and infected with two skin parasites would begin to heal that quickly. The lesions have decreased dramatically in 3 weeks. I am literally watching my legs heal as I soak! Thank you for all the encouragement and directions you give us all." Paula

I thank Paula for taking the time to share her success. I can appreciate how excited she is as she joins many others who are getting their lives back. I wrote about using ionic minerals in the bath water about a year ago. The minerals extract toxins and, as you know, the Nature's Gift (NG) debrinding soap deep cleans your skin.

First use the sachet of ionic minerals in your drinking water and then put the spent sachets in your bath water. As the coral absorbs toxins, you'll notice that the sachet becomes squishy.

Three to four hours is a long bath and as I've always said, "the longer the bath, the better." Of course I know that few of us can afford that much time and thirty for forty minutes should be adequate, but if you can go longer that's great as the more aggressive the better. One other supplement I'd suggest is our NG Skin Regenerator consisting of polyphenols that regenerate your skin from the inside. Many ask me what they can do for their skin on inside and my answer is the diet, and the Skin Regenerator. By the way, it also contains ginger which is great for digestion too.

Elizabeth writes to share her success in dealing with Morgellons Disease.

Thank you for your book. The DE has helped me considerably. Especially around my mouth where the parasites were very active.  Now I get an occasional out break, usually because i ate something I not on the diet.  Without the King Diet I would have never made it this far.  It has been about 2yrs now, but with the diet, DE and your recommendations - I have faith that this will pass. A tale tell sign is the bulge in my lower pelvic (hernia) this area has subsided over the last few weeks,
- I am so greatly appreciative of your work, Thank you...

p.s. anyway you can make the body soap last a bit longer? :) I love the lather However a $10 bar of soap every 3-5 days is not in my budget.  I loved it !

Take Care to you and yours Happy Holidays!

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for writing. Others will be happy to learn of your progress. As far as how long the soap lasts, I don't know what to say other than, as you continue to improve, you can use less and and less, and, it should last about a week. I use a bar as shaving soap and it lasts for months.

I'm happy for Elizabeth and thank her for taking  the time to share her improvement. Two years might seem like a long time, yet if you've been suffering for many years with little hope, two years is relatively a short period of time and that's not to say it can't be faster. Elizabeth noted that she has made mistakes with the diet. And, each mistakes ads to the time it takes to get your life back. The important thing is to avoid putting yourself on a schedule to meet dead lines. That simply exaggerates the disappointments.

Point is that many start the King Diet and give up before they got it to work for them. Tools like journaling that are explored in our Sunday meeting--see below--can accelerate progress.

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