Stomach Issues with Morgellons Disease 5/3/19


Sometime ago, Jodi asked about stomach issues. Hopefully, my recommendations benefited her back then. I'm updating it for others who may relate with her issues as Morgellons Disease messes up everything--including the digestive track. The other thing to take into account is that with Morgellons Disease, internal parasites, which we all have, become more of an issue as reported in Antibiotics for Lyme Disease and Morgellons Disease up date. 

Hi Richard,
"I have spoken to you before and have been using your products. I have both Collembola and Morgellons. My question is that I am having very bad stomach problems, pain, nausea, stomach aches, diarrhea, from Morgellons. I used to take a probiotic, but I can not because of the Collembola. I am taking enzymatica digest gold. I think I need a probiotic. What should I do? Also I am cleaning with ammonia, but the fumes are giving me a headache, any suggestions? I know you are busy, but my stomach is really hurting.
Thank you,"

Hi Jodi,
Thanks for writing.

First, it's important that you consult with your doctor regarding any tests or diagnosis and treatment he may specify.

In addition to any treatment he may advise, I'd recommend starting with taking
L-glutamine? It is a natural sugar that helps tighten and strengthen the juncture of the mucosa--the membrane between the intestines and the circulatory system.  I'm not familiar with the enzymes you're taking so I don't know if it might have problem ingredients. We have our own Agro Relief enzymes and recently have added Restore to create environment for good gut bacteria to flourish. And of course, it's important to drink lots of water--preferably infused with our NG ionic minerals.

Detoxing is important and you may want to consider taking diatomaceous earth in addition to consuming our NG Mouthwash which Might Be So Much More than Mouthwash.

You can have enzymes with probiotics, Flouracor, when you get into mid Stage II of the diet

Orap helped me immensely to get to Stage II and then onto Stage III
If your doctor won't prescribe it, our Dr. Su will help you.

Regarding ammonia, you really shouldn't be smelling that much. The idea is to spray and move away quickly.

Alternatives are spraying diatomaceous earth or boric acid--heat water and stir in boric acid crystals to dissolve them and then spray it.

Triple pesticide is another alternative.

The FDA requires me to tell you to consult with your doctor before implementing any of my recommendations in case they may interfere with any medical issues you are dealing with.

Thanks to Jodi for writing,  Ginger is a great herb for stomach issues. I have it listed on the "do not eat list" for Collembola, however, that's one thing I might be wrong about and it might be worth testing to see if it's OK.

Barbara, one of our volunteers who helps with coaching, knows a bit about herbs and suggests,
"A strong cup of chamomile tea and celery seed can get rid of stomach cramps and ginger helps the nausea. Gentian helps to digest food so you won't get stomach cramps... Also, warm lemon water might assist as well.....depending on the severity. "