The Difference Between Fogging and the Electrostatic Sprayer 7/16/19


Disinfecting one's environment, of Morgellons and other parasites, can be easy or it can be what seems like an endless challenge. Rule of thumb: If your house is sick or your outside environment is infected, then moving to another place to live might be best. But, read on before deciding.

What is a sick house? A sick house is from backed up sewers, slime mold, damp moldy conditions, infestations with rats, mice, raccoons, birds in walls, and the like. What is a sick outside environment? Answer: could be from space outside infected by birds and animals. Example: One lady has a neighbor with infected cats that keep coming onto her property and infecting her space. And, even with calling animal control and filing police reports, the problem still exists.

But don't jump to move before you go through a year. Personally, a year ago, it seemed that I had to wear riding boots everywhere on my property to keep from being infected from Collembola. The problem had started on my patio next to the fish pond about three years ago where an infected raccoon ate my fish under the swing that he caught. I used ammonia, triple pesticide, bifen granules and nothing worked. It was looking like I'd have to move after having lived here for over 30+ yrs.

The smart raccoon defied every attempt to trap him and all my larger coy were his dinner and then he started going after the small ones. Finally, last Fall, I installed an electric fence around the pond and, except for one time when he got through the fence, he never tried it again. I surmise the second time he encountered the electric fence, he remembered the first time when he was shocked.

After a warm winter I figured Collembola would be back full force all around my property. I would even stop my car next to the mailbox so I wouldn't have to walk to it to avoid them. But, I was pleasantly surprised as the spring unfolded--no Collembola any where except under the swing next to the pond where I noticed activation after I'd sit there for more than 20 min.

The only thing I hadn't tried was our lime sulfur solution. I made up a gallon of it and instead of spraying it, I poured it in front of and under the swing. I then use the water hose to make sure it was distributed all over the area. After it dried, I sat there for the first time during one of our Sunday calls and voila--no activity after an hour an a half.

But that wasn't the end of Collembola. A few days later I noticed slight activity as I sat on the swing and again applied the lime sulfur solution. I did that three more times and it seems that I only need to do it for insurance every four or so days--no more activity.

Point is: Avoid jumping to conclusions that you can't disinfect effectively. There are many options to try.

With respect to your home, it's important to determine if you brought the organisms into your abode, of if conditions in your home brought on the infestation. If you brought them into your home--then it's a no brainer. You can get rid of them

If, however, your house is sick, then do everything you can with respect to using ammonia, oils like clove oil, the triple pesticide (mites and Collembola), ozone, and electrostatic sprayer. I don't recommend fogging. To see why, click here. It will take you to a video showing you the difference between fogging and electrostatic spraying. The sprayer can be used as a fogger or as an electrostatic sprayer with the flip of a switch. The video will show you how ineffective fogging is compared to spaying particles with an electrostatic charge put on them.