Fighting Morgellons Disease With the Electrostatic Sprayer 6/20/19


On 1/22/19 I introduced the Victory electrostatic sprayer as a possible tool for disinfecting, Clearing Environment For Morgellons Disease, Mites, and Other Skin Parasites.  On 5/12/19 I did a follow up to the initial update, Electrostatic Sprayer Wipes Out Morgellons Disease which is an important one to read as it points out all the advantages of it over using ozone or anything else. Margie, our facilitator of the Sunday Support call, had just received hers. Her experience is tremendously valuable for all of us. Why? Answer: Because I know that she has been dealing with a resistant strain of parasites whereas I did not know if the others (about a dozen), who obtained the sprayer, were or were not dealing with a resistant strain. Plus she tried fogging cedarcide a couple of times to no avail.

A few days ago I asked Margie to provide a update on her experience with the
electrostatic sprayer for this update and this is what she wrote:

"Hello fellow healers,
Sleep is probably one of the most important components to our recovery.

The electrostatic sprayer has taken all the worry away from my bedtime now!!

I am so grateful that I no longer have a daily wash for my bedding waiting for me every day. No waiting late at night for the sheets to dry. What a blessing.

I simply spray all of my bedding, including my mattress and pillow and neatly fold them in a dampish pile in the morning. I throw them in the dryer 10 minutes before I get into bed and for the past month, it has not failed. I also spray my dryer with ammonia and add some essential oil--a drop or two between each load.

My bed feels warm, clean, and comfortable. Such simple pleasures mean so much to us !!!

It is also possible to spray all the walls ceilings and floors in no time at all with whatever disinfectant you choose to use for your particular organism in your environment. It is a wonderful tool to help us march forward toward our freedom. 


Thank you so much Richard for all of your guidance and prp
Thank you so much 

I thank Margie for her feedback. Because the device is costly, her feedback makes me comfortable recommending the electrostatic sprayer.

Rather than having to seal off a room for three hours for an ozone treatment, you can spray it with the sprayer in ten or so minutes and be done .
How does it work? Everything in the environment is negatively charged. I don't know why but that's the way it is. The electrostatic sprayer puts a positive charge on the spray particles that it's nozzle emits. Unlike a cedarcide fogger that depends on the fog finding a surface. The positive charged spray particles latch onto any surface like two magnets slapping together. In other words, the spray particles from the sprayer have no choice but to latch onto any surface in it's vicinity.

Not that the device is complicated, but more good news, one of the first to obtain the electrostatic sprayer, Elle in NJ, has volunteered to help you by phone to share how she uses it and coach you to get going with the device.