Electrostatic Sprayer Wipes Out Morgellons Disease 5/12/19


I've often said on the Sunday call, to get your life back from Morgellons and other skin parasites, it's important to do as many as four things simultaneously outlined in my program.
1. Be strict with the King Diet
2. Deep Clean Your Skin
3. Disinfect Your Environment
4. Supplements to boost your immune functioning and well being.

One of the biggest challenges is #3--disinfecting your environment. For some basic ammonia does the trick, but for many it's not that effective or they may have issues with smelling ammonia.

The electrostatic sprayer is new to our arsenal. I learned of it from one of our subscribers, Mark, who did the initial testing using debriding soap and peppermint. He added a cap full of 100% debriding soap to a cup of water and then added in ten drops of peppermint. The purpose of making a cup of concentrate is to that the peppermint will mix in with the debriding soap and won't float to the top. He then filled the sprayer container with water leaving enough room to add the mixture in the cup.

The benefit of the electrostatic sprayer if that it 
sprays the solution of positive charged fine particles that adhere to every part of every surface. No guessing, no missing--superior to fogging. The sprayer has an adjustment to create 3 different sizes of particles. down to a fine mist like fog. Just spray the fog over the area and the negatively charged particle from the sprayer cover everything completely. It's even used in agriculture.

Now the good news:
1. Instead of using toxic ammonia to disinfect or chemical pesticides, you use Nature's Gift Concentrate with or without essential oils or enzymes, but not together.
2. You don't have to vacate the area being treated like you do with ozone.
3. Totally non toxic to humans, animals and even fish. (be careful which essential oil you use (wintergreen, peppermint, citrus, tea tree, pine, eucalyptus, cinnamon, or Pennyroyal oils are toxic to cats)
4. You can treat your area daily with no mess.
5. Perfect for clearing the air of floating organisms
6. You can spray yourself or your pets.
7. Since the organisms are part of the environment. They are negatively charged meaning that the sprayed particles (positive charged) are attracted direct to the organisms.
8. The positively charged sprayed particles when coming in contact with the negatively charged organisms creates an electrical shock lasting several seconds. It's suspected that this shock may be of sufficient strength and duration to destroy (electrocute) some if not all the organisms.

Here's some of the feedback, I've received.


Hi Richard it's going well in my office very little activity. I think I sprayed too much in here this morning because I got a headache and I think it's just from the change in the air so I opened the door really good and everything is fine now. I like the product. TOmorrow Elle and I are going to talk and she's going to give me some pointers. I think I am using too much liquid she said it just needs to be be a light fog so I'll continue and I'll give you an update as soon as I find anything different going on but so far I have pretty much a bugless office which his fabulous!

Upon receiving the electrostatic sprayer I cleaned my house using Kleen Free straight out of the 1 gal bottle, I sprayed the whole house including mattress, under bed, closets, shoes, drapes (fantastic for drapes), every inch I could reach. The walls were not done but it may have permeated everywhere. We used the finest mist possible and the sprayer was easy to use and is durable. I understand  distilled water is used when mixing with concentrate.

Everyday I use it on the bed and in the tub after a bath. Also I'd spay questionable clothes lying around and I'd spray the dog as he ran by.

This could easily be used in the car.
Doing the whole house once a week would probably be a good idea. And, then just
sketchy areas the rest of the time EXCEPT, bed, bathtub after bath, couch etc. daily. Still experime
nting ....

I thank Laurie for sharing her experience with the sprayer. In light of what we are learning about mites, I would suggest spraying any areas that might be home to mites on a daily basis for up to 21 days as that's generally the longest gestation period. In other words, if you skip a day or two, eggs will hatch and eggs be laid and start another 21 day period.

Margie, our Sunday Support Call leader had a problem with the nozzle and says,

"Unfortunately the nozzle on my sprayer is not working and its leaking the ( very expensive ) fluid when I spray. 
So I am waiting for a replacement
nozzle. The Company is excellent in that they are very responsive and are sending a replacement nozzle out immediately . The fellow I spoke with said the nozzle that has three size sprayers are seemingly troublesome with the leaking issue.
He says that with the one size nozzle sprayer, there are no leaking problems. He is sending me the one size nozzle 
I have sprayed my bedroom and the quality of freshness in the room is remarkable. I am needing to clean the environment less often and the efficiency of getting the product in the environment is very good , when its working properly
I also am now using it to spray my bed linens 
The time involved is fantastic and not having to inhale the ammonia fumes is wonderful.
With the enzymes I can safely shower myself with it and if feels great. It takes some skill to not waste product because when its working correctly - you can cover incredible amounts of space in a very short time. A very fine film is all that is necessary.
Its no miracle cure, but it can make a difficult situation much easier and is worth having in my arsenal."

I thank Karen, Laurie, and Margie for their feedback. The Victory electrostatic sprayer is very new to our arsenal of devices, in our on-line store, to disinfect the environment. Elle, of NJ, was one of the first to use the sprayer and called it a "game changer" for her. She has since volunteered her time to assist others set up and use the sprayer for which I'm very thankful.

I didn't want to get too excited about the device until more people had experience with it. I was certain that the device was a winner with Morgellons, but, as you may know, many also suffer from Collembola and some strains are very resistant. And from speaking with Margie on several occasions it became evident to me she was dealing with a very resistant strain of the organism so her feedback was very important to receive. In fact she had also tried fogging cedarcide several times and had little benefit from it.

In the beginning, ammonia did the trick for me, but later when I was reinfected, I needed more than ammonia which led us to discover the triple pesticide, four thieves oil, and eventually ozone generators, Ozone Update and Alternatives.

The problem with ozone is that the space being treated has to be closed off for three hours and it has to be treated for 21 days straight--a lot of work--especially if you're treating several rooms. Whereas, with the electrostatic sprayer, all the spaces can be treated in several minutes. The only drawback is the cost. The ozone generator is about $140 and the electrostatic sprayer is $755. And, that's a big difference, but overall, can be worth it. And again, if you're dealing with mites, you want to treat the area daily for 21 days straight.

Before you run out to buy enzymes, stay tuned, we'll be adding enzymes to our on-line store next week which will comparable and less expensive than Kleen Green.

Now, the only problem is that our supplier frequently sells out of stock and it may take a week or so for him to fill an order--it is sent Fed Ex by him to you.