Does the soap penetrate into the skin to get rid of the underlying crawling and kill them?  2/15/18

Theresa asks, Does the soap penetrate into the skin to get rid of the underlying crawling and kill them?

 It depends on how you use the debriding soap. In a bath you're using a minimum of about one teaspoon of 100% debriding soap which is not strong enough to kill. At that concentration, the debriding soap only extracts and cleans your skin and I recommend a bath lasting up to 40 minutes three times a day in the beginning, if necessary. The goal is to be able to get from one bath to the next with relatively little skin discomfort.� It is important to add a disinfectant to the bath to destroy the organisms that are extracted or cleaned from your skin. Disinfectants can be things like up to 20 drops of peppermint, or about 12 drops of lavender or a combination of them, or a cup and a half of white or apple cider vinegar, or 2 quarts of peroxide, and so on. Here the goal is to use enough disinfectant to kill the organisms without irritating your skin--it can be a delicate balance and is best found by trial and error. For instance, some people can't tolerate more than a few drops of peppermint whereas some can tolerate 30 drops. Disinfectants like pool shock an bleach can be tricky too and easily irritate the skin. And never mix hydrogen peroxide with bleach or pool shock or boric acid.

One interesting point: If you have Morgellons, you will find debris in the tub after you finish your bath. However, if you're only dealing with Collembola or mites, you won't find debris when you get out of the tub. Of course, if you're dealing with both organisms, you will still find debris from Morgellons.

When you make your body wipe with the 4 oz empty spray bottle, according to the instructions that come with your order, you have a much stronger mixture than in the bath, and it can disrupt the organisms and destroy them. However, I don't recommend just one application. I recommend being aggressive and applying the body wipe frequently--every minute or so until the discomfort or crawling subsides.

The debriding soap is in our shampoo, bar soaps, and most of our creams, lotions, and gels. Whatever form you use it, again being aggressive with application is important. With the creams, it's best to wet your skin with water and then massage in the cream.