Clean Morgellons Out of Your Nose and Sinuses 11/19/2021

Two inquiries came in recently regarding sinus and fungal issues:

Hi Richard, my name is Lisa,  I’m wondering what is best for fungus in sinus, upper respiratory? 

Thank you

Thanks for writing Lisa,
You'll find most of your answers about fungal, Candida, and biofilm in a blog post from a few weeks ago Chitin Public Enemy #1 to Morgellons Disease 12/3/19
Regarding nasal, you can do two things:
1. use our mouth wash referenced in that update to draw up into your sinuses from your throat.
2. obtain any product with a nasal sprayer from the pharmacy, empty the contents, and fill with distilled water leaving enough room to add 5 or 6 drops of Nature's Gift concentrate. Then as you quickly inhale through your nose, squirt the solution into your nose and draw into your sinuses.
hope this helps

Another lady wrote:
"I talked with you 2 yrs ago. You informed me I was dealing with collmbella, mites, and fungus. I had lots of biting itching etc. Since then we moved to our new home a lot of that has stopped. But now lots of respiratory fungus mucus etc.Thank you for responding to my request. I have fungus in my lungs, sinus and coughing up lots of clear & white mucus and I’m not too sure what I’m reading on helping symptoms.  This is what I think I’m reading. You mentioned Natures Gift concentrate, MaxOne Glutathione Accelerator, Natures gift mouthwash, Chitinase?  Please let me know what else you recommend?  I’m on a budget. So if there are 2 to 3 items to start that would help."
Thank you
Obviously, our main nutritional program would be recommended.
If you're sure it's fungal, but it might be something else discussed below.
first is lufenuron to prevent further growth. The following is taken from my protocol.

for skin fungus, Candida, and internal fungal infections, I recommend you look into morgellons_pricing_table.html
inhibits the production of chitin. Chitin is what the shell of eggs and mouth parts of organisms are made. It's also found in fungi, and Candida. Select  the 96 capsule plan in the middle. It's recommended to do one capsule a day for 96 days straight with fat, (a pat of butter for your egg). Note that in some situations, more than 6 months are required.
For existing fungal organisms and biofilm, Nature's Gift Chitosanase Enzyme Formula
And then as I recommended in my first email, NG mouth wash to draw up into your sinuses from your throat.
and if you can tolerate it, you can spray it into your nostrils, but the peppermint and cinnamon are very strong so you might have to dilute it 10 or 20 parts of water to one part of mouth wash, or just use the diluted NG concentrate by itself.
And then, if affordable, sinusitis, our multivitamin, and Garcillin.
Now, you're assuming it's fungal. However, it might simply be sinusitis in which all you might need isGarcillin
I say this because a couple years ago I had a similar problem with coughing up a lot of flem to the point I thought I had lung cancer. I boosted the Garcillin to about 3 caps a day and it all cleared up in a couple weeks. You might want to read up on sinusitis to learn more about how your sinus can complicate things.
hope this helps

I thank both ladies for writing in, Notice the second one improved after moving to a new home. This is important. It's imperative to figure out if your home brought the organisms to you and is sick and beyond help, of if your brought the organisms to your home. If the latter is true, you can disinfect your home, if the former is true, it may be best to relocate if at all possible. Sick homes can be from backed up sewers, serious in-wall mold issues, infested rodents in attics and crawl spaces that can't be disinfected, and so on.