Dealing With A Morgellons Disease Set Back 10/1/18


Hi Richard,

I write this as I approach my almost 6 months of this torment and still have NO idea what I am dealing with if it is even some-THING more then the book describes...I know THEY are always improving their agendas and such.  I could really use some help to get clarity on what I am trying to fight as I feel I have been all over the place and as I write this my health is declining, have exhausted all my savings and now live pay check to pay check, isolated and read all of my free time to try and find a cure and also keep my little dog as well as he can be too, I am struggling to hide this from work and it makes it worse when the pressure to look and appear the picture of health IS my field in plastic surgery and even worse I do their clinical skin care! :(   UGH!
I thought I was improving but had the worse week ever and with all the stuff here in florida...I cant move out as I have no where to go, the condos here have put on smart meters, lED lighting all around, live within a mile of an airport, 3 gwen towers I can see after they cut down all the nature in feb and all that dust blew over to my building and laid there 3 weeks...who knows what was in that but I'm sure lots of bird nests and critters were shredded in all that and also ate those UTZ Crab chips and also stayed in hotel and jacuzzi/pool while away, saved a stray cat, had lots of ceiling dry wall fall all on my living room from pendant lights being put in and know there are birds that sit on our roofs all around the ponds, the beaches have red tide and blue green algae skin eating bacteria here, (by design) as you can see had the perfect storm all within 3 months time of Feb-May.
I really need to work with someone now what I need to heal far out weighs my limits of capabilities and need to be radically honest with my-self now.  I can not  go to a dr here as I already tried that...DOP, and she referred to me in my business, so I cant display this around my network and as we both know these drs are very indoctrinated.
I have been on your products, read and re read your book, all of them, Lyme too...hard with NO true diagnosis.
Diet is variable to be honest, I itch and then also have become scared to eat and now I am getting malnourished too and dark circles under eyes. I have spent thousands on products and tinctures, books, healers, etheric surgeons, EVERYTHING!  spoke with your girl Sandra on phone,  await another shipment of your products, i think my 3rd round...I need some real clarity and direction and perhaps medicine now.  Ivermectin did nothing really and I did alot of it internally and topical crap too, my skin hurts and burns, I have no sores like morgellons people but do see fuzz, creatures that appear to have faces and weird stuff that I have looked at under magnification, sealed in tape, lots of smart dust floating around although I have worked to get clean and simple, I can see it in the morning sun light.
I just need to work with someone to tell my whole situation to for direction etc.... sorry, I am tired of guessing and assuming after 6 months mile marker and at this rate I will not have a chance If I dont get help.
Thank you.
I need help -SOS.
Hi Desiree,
Thanks for writing.
I'm going to use your questions for tomorrow's update.
First of all, you had a set back. In spite of all the items you listed which I'll address later, first and of foremost importance is the diet which you noted "Diet to be variable."

Your entire set back could be explained by dietary mistakes. I remember that when I was on Stage I of the King Diet and making progress, I'd get impatient and add several new foods thinking I'd be OK and I'd always pay the price with more activity to the point I had trouble identifying which foods were causing the issue. My suggestion, as well as Sandra's (our coach) would be to keep an eating diary of everything you eat and drink and note every hour or two afterwards how you feel with respect to parasitic activation. I used a scale of 0 to six. Six being the worse and 0 being nothing, so 1/2 to 1 was acceptable. Remember, that as you improve, you might not notice some reactions until 24 hrs or more after you've consumed something.
I remember eating bacon thinking it was OK, only to find out it had sugar in it and was causing issues. It's super important to check all ingredients in everything you eat.
In reading your note, you have a large suspicion of EMF issues. I remember one lady who did everything I suggested and did not get better. But, because you were better, I doubt that EMF is totally the culprit. I believe her experience is in my book. Eventually, she found that a neighbor had some electrical equipment installed and it wasn't grounded properly and created a lot of EMF. When it was fixed, her problem was fixed.
If you are EMF sensitive, Google, "what to do to avoid EMF". In extreme situations, some people have to sleep in a canopy surrounding their bed with a metal shroud to keep out the EMF, and if they sleep on the second floor, the under part of the bed has to be shielded too with no openings to leak in EMF
Short of going to that extreme, they get rid of everything in the bedroom that uses electricity--clocks, cell phones, and so on. in addition to turning off the electrical circuits to the bed room.
This is to give them a break from the daily barrage that they can't control except to not to use the newer cell phones.
The best way to test this theory is to get away to the country some place where there is limited EMF sources and see how you respond--of course being strict with the diet as well.
But then that doesn't rule out the other forms of contamination from your apartment or surroundings that you noted, which can also be a possibility. But again, it doesn't explain a sudden set back--diet is most likely the culprit.
Inside, you described organisms like with eyes. Have you spread or dusted ditomaceous earth? I had my entire house dusted including furniture and floors to deal with mites. Chapter III of my book has a lot about using it as well in your clothes, And of course, I imagine you're using ammonia to disinfect. After that, the ozone generator used daily as instructed.
As I first noted, diet is critical and you may want to consider consulting with our doctor, Dr Su, for one of the medications like crap, doxepin, and so on. They can really make a huge difference and allow you to advance more effectively to stage II and then Stage III of the diet. Otherwise the diet is super strict for a long time.
Typically ivermectin does little except to keep things status quo and is only recommended for the treatment of scabies. 

PS. If you dog is infected with signs if itching and biting, it can also be a source of reinfection and needs to be on the same diet and bathed and cleaned as you do yourself. Diatomaceous earth sprinkled where ever the dog sleeps.

I thank Desiree for writing. Since she was making progress, I would think her set back has more to do with making mistakes in what she was doing rather than something unaccounted for. With set-backs, it's important to double down on bathing with Nature's Gift™, and  get back to three baths a day with NG and a disinfectant and to be aggressive using the diluted NG (body wipe) between baths.