Fight Morgellons and Save Your Septic System  11/11/2020


A question that came up during our Sunday Conference Callwas about how to protect septic systems. Things You Should Never Put in Your Septic System, says, "Your septic tank depends on ‘friendly’ bacteria to function properly, and the problem is that many disinfectants, bleaches and household cleaners are specifically designed to kill bacteria. To avoid septic tank problems, use organic and biodegradable household products wherever possible. Never put drain cleaners into the system – just a small quantity of these harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on the bacteria and cause septic tank problems." Using disinfectants like ammonia and bleach are a problem for septic systems as the disinfectants kill off the good bacteria that breaks down the waste.

While this update is about keeping septic systems healthy, it is also great for municipal sewage systems to keep help our planet. One rule of thumb is to minimize the use of garbage disposals as they overload both septic and municipal sewage systems.

Here is what can be used in your washing machine for septic systems

• Nature's Gift® Laundry Soap contains no harmful chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate and is completely bio degradable.
• Clean-Em-Up-ZymesTM
• Borax (one to two cups per load)
• Baking Soda (one box per load)
• white or apple cider vinegar

Use 1/2 cup or more of ammonia in the dryer.

Pre-soak: My Sunday co-host pre-soaks her laundry by placing 2" of ammonia in a tote, adding the laundry, and covering for several hours or even over night. Our experience says it's the fumes that are more effective than the liquid of the ammonia. Since you don't want ammonia in the washing machine for your septic system, put two 2 X 4 lengths of wood in the bottom of the tote and covering them with a plastic type of screen - something like used for screening doors. Since that type of screening is very flimsy, add many thin cross bars made of plastic or wood on top of the 2X4's so the flimsy screen won't sink into the ammonia. Try this and tell me how it works. I would speculate that the wood would turn blackish after a few uses and it should not be a problem as long as your clothing is not touching it which may discolor the clothing. In fact ammonia, by itself can discolor clothing which is why I don't recommend pouring ammonia onto colored fabrics but instead pouring it on a white absorbent towel.

Keep the level of ammonia below the top of the 2 x 4's so the ammonia won't get soaked up by the clothing. This way, you will lose very little ammonia and you don't have to change the ammonia, but simply add a little each time you use the tote.

• For your hand soap at your kitchen or bathroom sink, use our biodegradable Nature's Gift® hand soap which is also biodegradable*.

?For your dishwasher, use our biodegradable Nature's Gift® Multi Purpose Degreaser*.

?For your shower, use any of our Nature's Gift® bar or liquid soaps and shampoo*.

?Clean your toilet with our biodegradable Nature's Gift® Multi Purpose Degreaser* instead of harsh cleaners. 

*None of our Nature's Gift® soaps and cleaners have any harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which are not friendly to septic systems.