Dr. Schaller in the Morgellons Disease Hall of Shame 10/14/18


I've heard of doctors who claim to know how to treat morgellons, charge a lot of money, and don't  deliver the promised result. It's one thing for a doctor to diagnose you as delusional and dismiss you; it's another to promise cure, charge an "arm and a leg," and not deliver. Perhaps we need a "hall of shame."

Mandy has been suffering for quite some time with Morgellons, Collembola, and mites. She did what most of us do, i.e. search for a doctor. She went beyond her locality and found an expert, Dr. Schaller, who claimed he could cure her of Morgellons. That's one thing, but wait until you see his fee! He definitely qualifies for the Hall of Shame!

Mandy alluded to him in an earlier email and I wrote to ask her more information and name. She writes, "His name is James Schaller out of Naples,Florida I'm not sure on the number but I emailed him about not having any more funds to keep paying 875.00/hr for his calls n 275.00 for him to sign n mail an aderall script and also my WV medicaid will no longer pay4the thousands in meds he is prescribing. Hes pretty angry and has called my house 3 times today and left messages. I started the King diet very strictly after the support group call and bought some of debriding soap. Ive been taking the glutathione accelerator for 3 days now as well. I thank you so much for ur emails and support. My mom wishes so badly we've found you BEFORE entrusting Dr Schaller with my health and spending the travel and hotel costs among 5 lab bills etc. U are a godsend.


I wrote and asked her for more details and this is her response

He basically promised to cure me 100% from the start n claimed I would only have to pay for the follow up phone 4 times a month but has called every2weeks n charged from the moment i say hello at $875 an hr. He dismisses my concerns and on top of the high hourly charge, he stated I had2pay 275$ for my aderall refill2be mailed. He claims I don't have candida or mites and has prescribed me tons of antibiotics but no ORAP or antifungal when my labs clearly show candida and biofilm build up from long term infections. He also said I'm not contagious and that Morgellons is directly the result of Lyme which i beg2differ. Those are my biggest concerns and that he is just in it 4money. He has a HORRIBLE temperament and people skills.

I really admired him until things just started costing too much and no matter how many times we expressed concern he acted like he'd help but then the day after his call he would take out $600-$900 and I would have learned basically nothing. I was just super excited that he promised to cure me fast and with minimal costs but he has costed more than anyone Ive checked with. He never once explained my labwork2me but just would have me repeat the rotation schedule and take a lot of time in between questions as to add time to the call. I just thought it would go sooo much difderently according to his website and intake forms. And have just became so discouraged and financially drained. Thank you again Richard. I understand about living the "hell on earth" and losing everyone and everything.
Warmest Regards,

I thank Mandy for taking the time to share her experience with Dr. Schaller. It's also apparent that Dr. Schaller is also totally ignorant of Collembola and the challenges that organism presents.

If you have likewise been promised the "Moon" and got "red tide infected sand from Florida beaches" instead, write me with the details. The amazing thing is that on occassion someone writes me and accuses me of making money off those suffering from Morgellons and they forget all about the doctors who diagnosed them as delusional and charged them for their services rather than say that they don't know how to help and not charge.