Cleaning Your Scalp of Morgellons, Mites and Other Organisms 4/27/2022

How to deal with Morgellons fibers and mites in the scalp is one of the most frequent issues--especially with women as so many more women than men are affected by Morgellons fibers. Several years ago, I was discussing the need to find a way of cleaning the scalp similar to bathing the scalp for 30 or more minutes with Sandra, our first coach. The problem with cleaning the scalp during bathing is that parasites cleaned from your scalp drain down into the eyes causing a bigger problem - nothing worse than losing your eye sight from parasites getting into your eyes. So, I always suggest to avoid washing your hair and scalp while bathing. It's just not worth risking the chance of getting them into your eyes and having the gritty feeling in your eyes, floaters as big as Mack trucks, and diminished eye sight. Unknown to me, Sandra, as a youngster was a gymnast, She sent me a picture of her doing a head stand with her scalp and hair in a bowl to get the idea across.

She then shared a scalp cleaning procedure she was using. Sandra, developed this scalp cleaning procedure. Keep in mind that being aggressive with cleaning is important. But before I get into the scalp protocol, Lisa wrote that if you wear swimming goggles, which keep water from your eyes, you can wash your hair in the tub or where ever you want. Nevertheless, you still may want to use the following protocol in addition to the goggles. She also suggested using a lice comb to comb your hair.

Think of it this way: If you could give your scalp a bath with NG and a disinfectant for twenty minutes a couple times a day, your problem with your scalp would be solved. But, you can't so you the next best thing is with the aggressive protocol Sandra developed which follows.

Note that its good to shorten your hair as much as you can. It will grow out thick and luscious later.  This was also a question we answered in our Sunday 3/20/2022 Conference call.

First: in the palm of your hand, add the following products:
Beauty Forever™ Shampoo (regular or foaming) - about a teaspoon.
Nature's Gift Mouth Wash/Body Wipe solution - about a teaspoon.
Super MSM gel - about a teaspoon
Claudia's Dream Cream™ - about a half teaspoon
Peppermint oil - a few drops. For mites, you might add a few drops of clove oil too.

Second:with a finger, mix all ingredients together in the palm of your hand.

Third: Massage this mixture deep into your scalp for several minutes and also behind your ears

Fourth: Take a wide tooth comb and comb your hair to the ends.

Fifth:  Put a shower cap on for at least 30 minutes and allow the scalp to heat up. You'll feel all the products activate in your scalp. You can sleep with the shower cap on all night. And keep it on for hours during the day.
Lastly: Apply some Vasoline or bees wax around the bottom of your scalp around your neck and around the entrance to your ears to keep organisms such as mites from migrating from your scalp into your ears or downward to another part of your body.

When you remove the bathing cap, wash your scalp with just the Beauty Forever Shampoo, dry, and comb out until next treatment.

Ideally, depending on severity of infection of your scalp, repeat the entire procedure up to six times the first day twenty minutes apart for starters. With each day you may find that you can diminish the procedure and find that after a month or so you'll be down to 3-to-4 times a week. 

She writes, "I now can tell If I need too do more or less treatments. I'm at the point if my scalp feels itchy I do a treatment to prevent a full blown relapse."

Debris from first day
Debris from third day

Here's some of her diary. She wrote the following after the second day of treating her hair and sent the photos.

"Good evening Richard, I have been following your directions here are yuk fibers from my aggressive scalp treatments as you can see It's been very effective day 2. I have done 5 treatments today. shampooing/conditioner with Debriding soap in each bottle rinse towel blot until the scalp is damp not really wet proceed with Debriding soap, MSM gel, peppermint and Claudia's dream cream with shower cap for 30 min rinse off then proceed with the same process.Have a Beautiful Blessed evening. "Sandra K.

After Day #3 she writes and sends more photos--you can see much less debris after just one more day.

You can take this one step further and actually bathe your scalp while lying down. Denise writes, "I found a shampoo basin for just $25 that may help."  Again, ideally you'd want to shampoo your scalp as instructed above and then bathe add about a half cap full of NG concentrate to the basin along with a couple drops of peppermint or clove oil and then lie down to submerge part of your scalp for twenty or more minutes, then change the position of your body to bathe the other part of your scalp.

Mites. If you suspect mites are the culprit, consider adding Nitenpyram to what you are doing. It can be obtained at To keep mites from migrating down your neck or into your ears and eyes, apply a little Bees Wax or Vasoline around your forehead, neck and to protect your ears.

I thank Denise for her contribution. While the back of your hair and scalp is submerged in the basin with NG concentrate and either peppermint or clove oil it would be beneficial to use your fingers to wet and massage the upper part of your scalp without getting the bath water into your eyes.

Many, many thanks to Sandra, Lisa, and Denise for their contributions. This protocol for the scalp is in addition to the general protocol for Morgellons treatment.

Additionally note that it's important to disinfect the head rest in your car as well. Spray with ammonia 20 minutes before sitting in the driver's seat and when you leave the car. In place of ammonia you can use enzymes (Clean -em-up-zymes), Benefect, or MediClean.

Also put your bed pillow in a vinyl zippered bag with some Menthol crystals inside. Disinfect the exterior of it 20 minutes before retiring and after you get up in the morning.