Bathing, Saunas, Worms, Cats, GI, Chewing Gum, Diet, Supplements... 2/2/19

About a year ago I had a coaching session with Ann. BTW, she's married to a doctor who thinks Morgellons is a hoax--another one of them. After our session she asks a few very important questions that you might have as well. Her questions are in blue and my answers in green.

"The second I hung up the phone, a lot of questions came to mind:
1) When you soak, should you use lukewarm water or really hot or does it matter?
Bath tub temp should be comfortable when you're using NG. Years ago, before NG, I had to use near scalding water. Ultimate results may be with up to 5 cups of Epson Salts in your bath as the disinfectant.

2) Are hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas a good idea or bad? Some report that saunas and steam rooms help. However, hot tubs need to be disinfected. Public ones are the worse and can simply be a breeding ground for skin fungus and hot tub rash.

3) You mentioned nematodes or something like that, I'm assuming you meant a co-infection, like worms. Would that be a Morgellon's issue or Collembola or both? My last update, Morgellons Disease and Internal Parasites, was about co-infections of internal parasites. They can be either a Morgellons or Collembola issue or both.

4) Are you familiar with GI issues, such as SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), systemic yeast and leaky gut? I'm kind of wondering if my GI's PA had the right idea...Flagyl, then Xifaxin (or cheaper antibiotic) and intravenous antivirals. I wonder if a combo of western meds and supplements is the way to go. Any thoughts about that? According to the video series, GMO's Revealed, Dr. Zack Bush MD explains how the introduction of glyphosate (Round-up Herbicide--also an antibiotic) and GMO's has weakened the junctures of the cells in the intestinal lining. See my blog post, GMO's: Connection to Morgellons--Savior or Destroyer for a list of all the videos. L-gutamine is the natural food for the muscosa and strengthen them to reduce leaky gut. We've recently added Restore to our on-line store to protect the mucosa; and we've been using allicin as in our Garcillin as it's said to be an anti viral, anti bacterial to deal with SIBO and systemic yeast. To deal with both of these issues, you may have to increase from one cap of Garcillin daily up to as many as 6 to get things under control and then back down to maintenance of 1 cap per day. Another thing to consider is lufenuron for yeast over growth.

5) I see surgeon about the lump in neck which he's inclined to leave. I asked you this before and you said that some nodules go away and some don't. Of the many people you have spoken to that might have chronic Lyme, has anyone removed one or more?? No, not aware of any one removing them. It might dry up and go away--no guarantee though. Read my free report, Lyme Disease Doesn't Have to Own You Anymore.  

6) I brought up my cat and treating him. Do people do that and how? We talked about that. If your cat is not showing symptoms--scratching a lot, losing hair and so on, it's probably not affected by the parasites, other wise the cat gets the same diet and bathing as you do and should be bathed with NGand a disinfectant--no wintergreen, peppermint, citrus, tea tree, pine, eucalyptus, cinnamon, or Pennyroyal oils as they are all hazardous to felines. You can also give your cat a lime sulfur dip. Treat the bedding with diatomaceous earth (food grade only) .You can also use a an electrostatic sprayer to spray the surroundings and the cat with NG.

7) Ya think I should treat me lawn, like lime it??? Always a good idea. Use a spreader and wet the lawn after spreading it; If you're dealing with Collembola or mites, I suggest you wear high enough boots as you apply to keep Collembola from being able to jump onto your legs.

8) Hopefully, I'll get significantly better. You mentioned that you take Maxone and Garcillanto stay healthy. Anything else in your maintenance program that you think keeps you from lapsing??  Just Once multivitamin and NG ionic minerals. Unfortunately, the Just Once multivitamin is being discontinued and we'll be shifting to another that is compatible with the King Diet. However, when one is dealing with Morgellons, it's useful to also supplement your diet with:
1. Serracor Systemic enzymes to digest extraneous fibrin
2. L-Glutamine to feed the mucosa of the intestinal lining
3. MSM caps
to replenish sulfur
4 Restore
eo support the integrity of your intestinal wells. This creates a stable environment where good gut bacteria can grow and thrive, helping you to promote immune system function, and supporting optimal well-being.
5. NG Skin Regenerator with polyphenols to rebuild your skin from the inside out

All, except for Restore and the skin regenerator, are in the Morgellons' pack.

9) Do you still have to stay in the diet now that you're doing OK??? I eat everything I want, but stay away from consuming too much of oils, peanuts, soy. I take a maintenance dose of ORAP--one mg about once a week--to keep my diet flexible

10) I will look up your the chewing gum you recommend, but spry gum supposedly reduces cavities. It has xylitol. Do you recommend staying off of it for life or just until skin parasite issue is resolved? Stay off until you get on stage III of the diet and then use it sparingly. A good gum is Siberian cedar resin gum.

11) Do you give up sugar for life or just until you get better? It's ironic, those with only Collembola can have sugar in Stage II of the diet, but those with Morgellons, sugar is always a potential problem--you may be able to have some from time-to-time, but if you consume it regularly, you'll most likely relapse within a week.

Please let me know what you think of my questions. FYI, I think you have earned a PhD. You probably have more data than anyone does. I'd think some college prof should give you a grad degree!!! You deserve a Nobel peace prize!!!! I appreciate the kind words. Your questions are very good, in fact, I'll publish them in an update. It's an honor to be here for you and others who are suffering from these parasites.

I thank Ann for taking the time to ask these important questions--she covered a lot of issues. If you'd like a free copy of the ebook about the power of allicin, return this email and request it. I'll be glad to send it to you--it's too large to attach to this email.