Dirty Electricity Affects Your Healthy byTerry STOTYN  11/10/2021


This video had very little to do with 5G but everything to do with how your regular household electricity from the power company and their use of smart meters can be posioniong you. 

Controls, Electrical and HVAC tradesman for 40 years , expert in solving problems with dirty electricity/dirty power caused by Smart utility meters. He is helping individuals and companies to lower utility bills, protect appliances and equipment and improve health by cleaning up the dirty power at the root level

What is the connection between 5G and Smart meters?
Presently no connection, but with “ internet of things “ over the years it will be tight together

How did you get into this field  with your background?
Contractor for many years, mostly HVAC and control. He was reached by his current partner to bring the product to North America, travels thru also to Europe, presentation to CEOs explaining  what happened to our power over 100 years, how it’s effecting us now and how it effects our electronic and equipment, how it has changed. Government, big companies, corporations and military spend 100 millions of dollars on their electrical equipment and they want to make sure they function without harmful dirty electricity. Terry’s traditional focus was on companies, on presentations, testing and approving their products
He was approached by some doctors and group of professionals dealing with “anti-smart meter” effects and was asked if their product would be effective to dealing with the issue of dirty electricity from Smart meters. Skeptical in the beginning, he couldn’t believe government can expose people to harm.
Started to test buildings in Vancouver, literally within hour of testing he was shocked what he found out.  Continuing testing process around BC, Canada he got every time the same bad results with smart meters. He started to wonder what was out there helping the problem with and finally he tested their product and realized how effective is to find these frequencies.

What is dirty electricity or dirty power?

In reality dirty power consists in line voltage transients. Transients are root cause of dirty power, ( whether high voltage transients or high frequencies, high kHz transients)
What is transient ? Where it comes from
Transient is anything that impends the flow of the normal sine wave – our energy/ voltage. It’s a spike. Transient in reality is the spike. And the spike is induced from anything that switches – light switch, motor lighting and stopping…When you starting and breaking the power, it causes these spikes. Can be small from few volts up to thousands. Spikes are a issue with dirty power.
Switch volt power supply causes what chops the waves. Everything which is electronic has switch volt power supply, because they operate on DC power -direct power, not AC. Everything what creates transients create RF or EMF . Switch volt power supplies in Smart meters they switch often, they are constantly turning on. Because they don’t have any FR (flow right) filters built in them they are cumulative so everybody within the grid gets everybody else energy.

Warren Woodroof and Paul Harding -Health and safety specialists  in Smart meters and dirty electricity measured electricity running thru the Smart meter and saw a lot transitions in a small amount of time, much more active like no other device you are expose to. Because it’s using all the wiring that travels thru the panel as an antenna (energized antenna) and people are exposed to this 24/7. It doesn’t stay in the wiring but radiates signals within 8 feet from the wiring. 900 MHz frequency is microwave transmission but other frequencies are hidden in there and are transmitted as well and this is why people are getting damage. People who previously can handle all Wi-Fi when get Smart meter in the house all sudden they fall apart.

This is what happens when Smart meter transmits or emits wireless radiation
Wiring is an antenna that rides antenna signal, is that part of the problem  in addition to the switch mode power supply itself?

Transient (spike) can be thousand of volts and the load on side of it. As transient rises to the peak it create RF (radio/ kHz frequencies).  As it reaches his peaks and drops it create magnetism – EMF. That’s why the transient is so important in dirty electricity power to go after because you don’t want them in the system - it’s unwanted characteristic of the switch mode power supply .

Because so many transients are happening over continually, it’s basically coming and riding on top of our power line and uses all our house wiring as an antenna and if hits a panel it just split and go over every circuit and it emits thru the walls in 90 degrees lateral and we get it for 6 feet. It's penetrating, like living in the microwave.

Kilohertz frequencies (kHz) are very harmful. US government knows about it since WWII, it breaks down on human cells structure, was used as weapon by Russians. There is a broad range from Smart meter from few kHz up to 10 MHz It harmful and we pay for it. It’s on top of power which rises levels
It’s wasted electricity, not useable. Emitting  from our walls. What happens on your utility bill when you clean up dirty power?

Old analog meters were just devised to monitor the power. Voltage levels were fixed, sine waves in average. People had bills accordingly. Because Smart meters are so sensitive they can react and show and read all those peaks up the transients levels. You may impact from neighbor or your heavy air-conditioning system, all compressors running and stopping. And so you have very high peaks, transients on your sine wave and accordingly all power providers can read those peaks. There are no 120 V anymore but higher so there is a different price calculation and we are paying more.

We are paying for dirty electricity (power) even it is not usable?
They used  to go to utility commissions to get 1-2 % price hike, now it is automatic with Smart meters

Tell us more about RF and EMF caused with Smart meters.
RF is on the incline and EMF on the decline The experience on testing shows the strength on EMF (especially kHz ) will climb thru the day. It goes in the morning from 2,5V in the peak on the sine wave and during the day it will climb up until 11-13 V, depending what is happening on the grid. We are all tight together. Late in the afternoon and night from 4 pm until 11 pm it can climb up to 30 V peak to peak. In a lot of US areas to 40 V. It is significant when considering that everything up to 2 V peak to peak is cancerogenic in kHz frequency. It’s important to know that we are tight to everybody by Smart meters.

Even if you preserve your analog meter it is coming into your house thru voltage lines, it can even go from your neutral and your ground as well.
Lines, ground, neutral. What is a difference of plug-in power filter and actual  suppression device? (like Terry Stotyn’s product)
In average house there are 2 legs of power, 2 different wires coming into the house with 120 V power on them and neutral leg and then we have a ground wire. There is always excess current when we utilize something. It’s always a little which is not used and suppose to go back to neutral wire. Which went back to the transformer and tight to all common neutral wires and come back to the power provider. It has been undersized for many years, power providers changed the code. Neutral and ground bars used to be segregated, now they bounded the neutral and the ground within the panels and that’s why we have so much ground current outside. Many people have no proper grounding. It is important to know that if people have electro sensitivities  they really should get a qualified electrician. We really need to go thru our electrical system if we have problems, to make sure our bonding and grounding is done properly. Because no  kind of filter or suppression we use won’t do much good if we don’t have proper grounding and bonding done at the house level.  When Smart meter start working ground voltage increases measurably

Difference between plug-in filter and suppression unit
Plug-in  filters have limitations as far as capability to the whole frequencies spectrum that you need basically protect. Smaller one stop around 100 kHz . Because they are plug-in unit they are tight to different legislation and rules of electrical industry
Suppression unit is wired in the panel , they have different set of rules, they do the job what they intended for just they do it differently. Usually they move energy thru capacitors over to the neutral wire, people don’t see that. It has tendency to shift the dirty power, causes a lot of harmonics on neutral wire . When you wish to get out of this problem, cleaning dirty electricity, you have to clean every bit of the power, the lines to lines, lines to neutral, lines to the ground and also the neutral to the ground because we can get dirty power even from ground current. You have to be able to cover all the modes to do it.
To clean the dirty power properly you need to clean all channels. You can get dirty power even off the grid thru your neutral and ground wire.

What experience you have from people using this technology to suppress effectively dirty power?
A respected engineer in this field confirms that he never seen better product to mitigate dirty power more effectively.

For several years Terry Stotyn was helping companies to save money, now and that he likes better he is saving and restoring health for people. It is rewarding more that anything, many positive testimonials. Effective cleaning of all channels is almost like a missing piece in the puzzle. Many people went off the grid, solar and still had problem.  WHY? - they didn’t clean all channels properly
How many devices are you installing per month currently?
100 a month, hundreds a month It’s getting busier, as much as for the personal side as industrially, commercially worldwide

What if the dirty power factor is more dangerous than radiofrequency emission from Smart meter? What’s your perspective on that?
Had no idea first. He had been dealing with line voltage power, when he got into the root of problem. He agrees that on kHz side – RF, EMF, magnetism, which go thru the day in stronger levels (decrease and increase) there is much  more than people can understand. People are worried about cell towers (which they should) but power in the walls, corrupted power from Smart meter, is huge determent to health.  5G is coming –…everybody is feeling the effects
Over past years we have seen numerous incidents with fires and explosions either on Smart meters or on appliances in the house after people have gotten Smart meters (sometimes the entire city like Stockton , CA where 5000 meters exploded in the same time). Does your technology mitigate that kind of harm?

We mitigate transients, the cause of dirty electricity
But here is a different idea what is causing  fire – Smart meters come out with very thin posts plug-in to receptacle. Analog come out with quite a thick post. So when people pulled they off after 20-30 years of using, most posts are design to have fairly thick post from the meter. Mostly when people who are not trained electricians plugged in Smart meters with thin post instead – unplug and plug in, it’s like a hot shoe and it’s live…they don’t go to house and turn the power off. In houses which burned there were a gap between terminals and it’s created heat and starting fire. In Stockton there was a major transient that comes in 1000 of volts like a lightning strike.

Terry Stotyn’s  product has 2 levels of protection . Suppression was originally devised, designed 40 years ago in Florida, made for lightning. Suppression industry has done deplorable job over last 30 years staying up to the times. Engineers in Terry’s company could see the need for the electrical microprocessor computer side of it years ago and they came up with special level of protection in circuit tree in addition to lightning protection . That is what makes it so effective
SineTamer unit protection
SineTamer - Power Units (
In Stockton track hit a utility pool and lines touch line from higher voltage the line with lower voltage. In that case if someone has protection like SineTamer unit this would protect the damage from happening?
Yes, probably 98,99 %.. if anything it would sacrifices itself before it allows it thru
How effectively does your SineTamer unit protect from the brisk of the fire .
Sine deals with the power coming thru. if you have joint outside of the wall (outside of the unit) causing hotness SineTamer is going nothing to do with that . Your Sine unit is mount right on the panel immediately coming in from the Smart meter. If your meter is burn up because it is arching? is nothing in the world that can spare that but the SineTamer will take away everything what is on the power .
Is there any change in people’s utility bills after installing this device?
The SineTamer product drowse no power. All it does it monitors the power . Only power drowse to two little utility lights that tell you it is in function. In three years period he hadn’t had someone who didn’t reduce or drop in the utility bill. Depending on amount of equipment and Smart appliances in the house saving can be up to 50% on the power bill. It’s pretty significant. SineTamer is extremely good if not the best product for cleaning power and transients. The number one issue should be to get rid off dirty power and improve your health. That is worth all. The cost savings should be a bonus. Warranty of the unit  is extremely long -15 years, no hidden things, company stands behind the product, very few failures. Installation is basically effective for the life time of the house.  People don’t stay longer in the house more than 15 years and you can move it with you too.

CEO’s of big companies are contacting you not only to save money but on health side issues. Tell us more about it.
For example one large airport is extremely interested in making their space safe and clean for people. World health organization classified the electro sensitivity disease to be somewhere around 12-14% for last couple of years and at Christmas time they bumped up to 35% world wide.  Buildings will be built in safer way in the future. Contractors are starting building houses protecting from EMF, RF, from wires in the walls. It is costlier to build but result is safe, clean building power wise. This is going to be a future to  go with special paintings on walls, special glasses, everything protecting because this problem is going to increase exponentially over the next few years when 5 G comes out. We will be overburden with airwaves, radio waves, microwaves…

Testing SineTamer and measuring dirty power before and after installation on oscilloscope (see picture)

4  positive testimonials-
1, testimony- before  installation suffered from headache, heart palpitations , blood cloth to the lung and brain, sleep disorder, fatigue, constantly hearing noises…after installation all that disappeared, changed life of the person
2, testimony - huge improvement after installation - buzzing is gone
3, testimony-before installation headaches, pain, nausea, fatigue, developed cardiac arrythmia within two weeks being in the house. Fortunate that Terry Stotyn can come shortly after and install Sinetamer. After that huge difference … chest pain away, health conditions improved.
4, testimony- after  Smart meter installation unable to sleep and after Sinetamer installation lady could sleep like a baby, magic.

TRACKING, what is the tracking characteristic of the product?
If you look at the sine wave in typical suppression device, the peak from top to bottom of sine wave is about 170 V.  Engineers put clamp 400-500 V above and below of sine wave and that’s where suppression device worked and majority still work. The transient spike has to hit the clamp before it clips it off. Engineers came up with the special tracking circuitry - it’s called frequency attenuation that basically goes right above and below the sine wave and follows it. Very close, tracking it. Everything within the sine wave is untouched. Thanks to clamping. That’s why on the oscilloscope we can see the sine wave how clean it is in comparison to the before pictures .

How does the SineTamer unit get installed?  
Make sure that the house wiring is inspected properly, that the electrician checked the pipes, ground, nothing is tied to pipes and eliminate the stuff you have in house which is causing a lot of issues, non linear stuff, LED lighting, fluorescence lighting, anything with dimmer switches, that chopped the sine wave, that caused a lot of garbage on the power lines. To go thru the house there is a lot of building biologist out there, who systematically go thru somebody house and looking for changing things and make it better.
Next step is ordering the unit and hire electrician. Terry Stotyn gives explicit instructions how to install unit properly, taking pictures during installations making sure that it is installed properly and then he is in touch with clients via email or web. Various products available at the following websites:|
Eliminate Dirty Power - Dirty Electricity | PowerEMT
Another source
SaticShield - Home of Dirty Electricity Solutions

I thank Andrea for devoting her time to transcribe the video and pass it along to us. This is something we each should be looking into. I had no idea that our electricity can be polluted and how the entire house becomes an antenna for the dirty electricity to affect us. Basic simple things you can do right now to start reducing dirty electricity:

No LED lights - get rid of them
Get rid of fluorescent lighting where possible
v Get rid of dimmer switches and replace with regular on/off switches
Turn off wireless router at night
Get rid of smart meter - call electric company and request analog meter
Only use shielded extension chords.
Don't use blue tooth head sets
Keep your cell phone out of your bedroom
Use wire connection instead of wi-fi to your computer
use battery operated electronics where possible
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