Rifampin For Dealing With Morgellons Facial Lesions 7/23/19


I received an email a couple days ago from Stacie who shared her positive experience with Rifampin (an antibiotic) and then accused me of driving people nuts and to the poor house. She wrote, "I went to a dermatologist last year in Plainfield, indiana.  He laughed when I told him I thought it was Morgellons. He has heard that term from other patients. He gave me a 10 week dose of Rifampin 300 mg.  I have piece of mind and no skin sensation. Thank the Lord. I had spent too much money on useless products and cleaned my house daily like a mad woman.  Clothes never had to be pitched and he said this was all Bull crap. He was right. It was crazy to think I believed all this craziness. It was terrible.  Do not want to hear about this craziness anymore. Your making a fortune. Driving ppl nuts and to the poor house."

As I started reading, I was interested and glad that she found a solution, but then I wondered if she had really found a solution since she had just signed up 7/9/19 to obtain my book--a year after she used the
Rifampin. "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

So, I'm wondering why she was looking information about Morgellons if she had already been cured. I don't know what useless products she had spent a fortune on, but it certainly wasn't any from my on-store. And, even then, maybe she didn't have Morgellons anyway; and she never even ordered any of our products--can't comprehend why she's shifting her anger onto me.

Nevertheless, I remembered writing about Rifampin before and found it in an old blog post that I copied below. Note that both Stacie and the lady below were dealing with massive lesions. Last week there was an update,
Morgellons Research Links Lyme Disease with Ulcerative Bacterium in which we looked at using our deep wound cleanse kit, nano glutathione, and our new
NG Chitinanse Enzyme formula and now we can add Rifampin.

While you can get rid of the lesions (which is an incredible feat whichever approach you use), it doesn't cure you of Morgellons disease which is kinda indicated by Stacie still looking for help and information.

Here's the 10/1/17 post

*** I found a Lyme dr four years ago, (Morgellons and Lyme usually goes hand in hand) and I tested positive. I was COVERED in massive lesions. I was ready to end my life. The Dr put me on many herbal meds, and antibiotics BUT. And I STRESS THIS BUT. He put me on a PRESCRIPTION medication called RIFAMPIN when lesions wouldn't heal. WITHIN JUST 5-7 days, EVERY SINGLE LESION CLOSED UP AND WAS GONE
I'm not saying the medication Rifampin killed off all parasites IN me. But I've never broke out like this since and do all I can to deal with other morgellons symptoms. I keep this script up to date as I never know if I'll break out again? IT SAVED MY LIFE. And only a Dr can prescribe it. I'm begging you to share this with people covered with lesions. I swear on my soul it saved my life. You can't make money on it. It's just a prescription. But whatever is in this "Rifampin" STOPS THE LESIONS DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS.

According to WebMD, Rifampin is an antibiotic typically used for TB and other infections. Side effects are possible upset stomach, heartburn, nausea, menstrual changes, headache, drowsiness, or dizziness. If any of these effects persist or worsen, inform your doctor promptly. This medication may produce a harmless, reddish coloration of urine, sweat, saliva, or tears.

I am grateful for Stacie writing with her experience--only wish she had taken her anger or frustration out by beating on a pillow or something like that as opposed to jumping to conclusions about my intentions--especially since she never used any of our products or took time to read the book. I can say that every now and then, out of the tens of thousands of doctors in the world, one will find one with some knowledge about these critters. I was one of those fortunates in that I found a doctor who was familiar with the use of Orap, which is listed in my book, How to Get Your Life Back from Morgllons..., that helped me dramatically. It didn't cure me of Collembola, but it certainly made my fight much easier. Since then, other medications have been reported to help and are included in my protocol. And, did Stacie have Morgellons? Most likely, but we don't know and her doctor poo poed the idea of Morgellons anyway.

Yet, even after I published the update in 2017, no one else provided feedback from trying Rifampin. Stacie was the first one to write about Rifampin. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a medical approach, this could be it and it certainly would be helpful to use the Deep Wound Cleanse Kit or Nano Glutathione and our new chitinase enzymes.

Watch for an upcoming update with feedback from NG Chitinase Enzyme Formula in getting rid of lesions.