Relapses Are A Bitch! (Diet and Change of Seasons) 10/7/18


The number one reason we relapse is diet. Barbara writes,


After over a year of no symptoms I have been re-infected with Collembola and skin fungus.  I can only guess that the smoothie diet for two weeks, which had a lot of fruit I don't normally eat and being under a huge amount of stress has led to being re-infected.  A couple questions.  I'm interested in getting a test done to find out exactly what I have.  Is there a website or phone # to a current lab conducting these tests?  Also, any feedback on pros or cons of getting a flu shot? 

Thanks so much for all you do to help us with this disease

"Hi Barbara,

There are no tests for Collembola or even most mites. While diet becomes very relaxed with time, you were lucky to get away with more than an week on fruit smoothies. Same thing happened to me with watermelon. I thought I was free forever and ate watermelon for a week straight and BAM, I learned otherwise.

Hopefully,  you can minimize the re contamination of your surroundings, get back on stage I and take 3 baths a day and get back to where you were in a month or less.

You may consider one of the medications--orap, doxepin, abilify and so on to speed up the process.

Flu shots, to my knowledge, contain mercury. Mercury is bad news.

Hope this helps and thanks for writing. Your experience will make a great update. I just did one on someone else back sliding.

I thank Barbara for taking the time to share. Relapsing is a bitch. Getting too lax with the diet is number one on the relapse list. If you remember from the book, I call it the "time dilation factor." In the beginning of fighting Collembola, if you have something off the diet, you react within minutes with itching and or biting. After a few weeks of being on the diet, you begin to be symptom free. Then, if you eat something not on the diet, it takes up to two or even three days to react.

It seems that the longer you're symptom free the longer the dilation factor becomes. Barbara got away with fruit smoothies for two weeks and then BAM!! Case in point. I'm at the point that I can eat everything I want. I can eat peanut butter, any fruit, salad with oil, potato chips, french fries, and so on. However, no more than once in a week or so, otherwise I'm risking the return of symptoms. I also take one mg of orap once a week.

Other reasons for set backs are:
1. taking clothing out of storage as seasons change that were contaminated. This has happened to me several times year ago.
2. contamination from surroundings. This has also happened several times from my patio by the fish pond. Foot baths with NG and peppermint work wonders and have cut my recovery time to hours instead of years as it first was.
Last week, I stopped at a customer's condo to look at one of his units that was flooding because of a clogged drain. Remember, one of my businesses is a gutter guard installation business. I spent ten minutes in the yard and by the time I got to my car, I noticed that I was reinfected around my lower legs. Fortunately, I carry the diluted NG (body wipe) in the car and began applying and applying it as I drove 40 minutes to get home. I kept applying to mimic my lower legs being in a bath--kept them wet. By the time I got home, all itching and activity was gone. If I hadn't had the NG with me, by the time I got home, I would have been looking at several days of evening foot baths for several hours to rid of the organisms.

Rule of thumb: The quicker and more aggressive you are with the NG body wipe, the quicker you recover.

Relapses are a bitch. The good news is that we now know what works to get our lives back so it doesn't have to take years:
• King Diet
• Disinfect
Bathing with NG and disinfectant.