Morgellons Disease Treatment Questions  9/9/18


I invite you to write me questions after you've read my book, How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, and Other Skin Parasites. Here are some questions from Susan.

Hi Richard,
I have tried Allicin from Garlic capsules and it seemed to make the bugs more attracted to me. Maybe because it was detoxing me and I have
a history of Candida.  I looked at Max One and saw that one of the main ingredients is D Ribose.
I have tried D Ribose and have an allergic reaction too difficult to tolerate.  I also looked at Lufenuron.I have read that it can cause Leaky Gut which I already have, and some other side effects, so I do not want to risk taking it.
I realize this a real challenge so I'm not expecting you to have an answer. I just wanted to see if you have any suggestions as to what I could do next.  My body responds well if I give it something it can work with.   I know peroxide and DE, are two other things I have read about.  Given my situation with Collembola and Morgellons I only want to do what could work.
I am strictly adhering to the diet and am not being bitten as much.  I know you talked about ORAP and other drugs, but I looked at them and I know with my sensitivities they would make me sick.
How about Dr. Rawls and/or herbs or homeopathics.  I know this is uncharted territory when it comes to Collembola and Morgellons, but I need to find an alternate solution and hopefully my finding it will also help someone else with the same challenge.
Thanks for your help.  It is greatly appreciated.
Hi Susan
I don't know what you mean by allicin from garlic capsules. Our Garcillin has only a slight garlic odor, but no garlic in it.
D-ribose is the sugar that your mitochondria uses to thrive. Anyway, this is not D-ribose by itself in MaxOne, it's D-Ribose bonded with L Cysteine so it gets past the stomach and direct into the cells. So, you might not react at all to it.
As an alternative to MaxOne, we also have nano glutathione which has no D-Ribose and is taken sublingual (a dropper under the tongue). For stage I of the diet, you would spit out what's left over after two minutes and those ingredients are not Stage I compatible. But, you still get the glutathione that way.
There is a lot of bad info about Lufenuron put out by competitors vying for the candida market. Lufenuron does not contribute to leaky gut syndrome.
If you have leaky gut, it's generally recommended to also supplement with L-glutamine--we have it in our on-line store.
One thing you may consider is to consume our Mouth Wash which will probably be renamed NG Blood Revitalizer. Go to our blog and read
With anything medication, there's a risk of reacting to it. All I can say is if you find the right med, it's heaven on earth and is worth the trip of trying several to find it. Two of them are over the counter--Claritin, Claritin D and Vistaril 
I'm not familiar with Dr. Rawls protocol, other than it's for Lyme disease.  If Lyme disease is a concern, you may want to read my free report, Lyme Disease Doesn't Have to Own You.
I thank Susan for taking the time to write and ask questions. Hopefully, my answers will make a difference in her life. Note that the King Diet is making a difference in her life.