Questions After The Sunday,  Let's Heal Together Program 12/6/18


After Andrea received her detailed protocol from my analysis of her questionnaire and tuned into the Sunday support call, she writes and asks several questions. My answers are in red.

Having steak in steakhouse or rotisserie chicken. You are never 100 %sure if they these products are ok. Then I had a From your questionnaire, Morgellons and internal parasites show up as well as 3 of 7 indices for Strongyloides (rashes, cough and weight loss) I had it and I only had rashes.
 ere are my questions
There are no tests for Morgellons other than the fibers and filaments found either on the skin or as cotton like substance found in bedding and clothing which you reported finding in your questionnaire.

Best to read the attached report on Lyme disease

2. I developed joint pain. Especially on the left hand, where I have been seeing movement under the skin from the Hard to say, often inflammation is a result. It could be from a sprain or injury, Hand bath in ice water to reduce inflammation, over the counter ointments like biofreeze, icy hot for starters. Next, consider boosting MaxOne to as many a 8 caps per day for about three days to boost glutathione.
. My Morgellons is not confirmed yet. I live with my husband side by side and si
Yes, infected humans can be vectors and infect others, and there is no pat answer. I always lived in fear of infecting others until I was symptom free and took every precaution--taking a long bath with NG and disinfectant before going out in public was a must. Taking body wipe or NG cream or lotion with me was always a must. 
4. You mentioned updates... if you are sending them thru regular emails I am not getting them You are subscribed as of Oct 18. pls check  your spam and other folders as the updates may be going there.
5nknately I didn't catch her number ... it starts with 312 -
I don't record the names or numbers, you'd have to contact Margie or listen to the recording at
And remember, that if you'd like to discuss this more in depth, we have either free coaching by Sandra or paid coaching by me. Sandra has extensive experience with Morgellons.
I thank Andrea for writing. As she noted, the diet made a difference and then she had some difficulty. This is where journaling is valuable as the challenge is to figure out what is different in what she's eating to cause a reaction. Steak in a steak house often means it was marinated in oil. Or an oil was used on the rotisserie chicken--either will create misery.

She wrote back to inform me she found all the updates in her spam folder. Gmail often puts them in the promotions folder.

We had 38 people on our support call last Sunday. Our goal is to have one hundred. While there is a portion of the call open to anyone to ask questions, please don't be offended or upset if you don't get to ask your question. Instead, make a note of the question and email it to me as Andrea did. We do not expect to have enough time for everyone to share or ask questions, our goal is to provide tools for you to accelerate your progress and learn from us and those who share. Many are so grateful that they hear others who share similar experiences to which they strongly relate and know that they are not alone. And remember, one of the goals of the support call is to find a buddy or two for mutual moral support. Take a few moments and read the following