Using Affirmations to Command Your Brain to Beat Morgellons Syndrome 8/8/2021


I've been in the self-help field for over thirty years during which time I've created many self help programs at my stress management site and have written numerous books available on Amazon. 

I've often been told that our brains are a very sophisticated computer and capable of doing everything it's told to do.

But then, I told my brain to create millions dollars, make me un shy and out  going so I'd be a "chick magnet," succeed in business, and so on and duh, nothing like that happened. 

Why, I asked? The reason is the same for me as it is for most who don't achieve their goals. I  didn't know how to write the program for my brain.

Over the years I discovered the answers and yes, the brain is a very powerful computer and will do anything you tell it to do.

However, there are two things to take into account.
How you phrase your commands matters. For instance, with respect to a basic habit, if you say, "I am not going to smoke," or I am going to give up and quit smoking," or "I'll try to quit," your are actually instructing your brain to smoke more as explained in my
Stop Smoking CD. The underlined bold words are interpreted by your brain to smoke more.

So, in order to accomplish a goal, it's important to know exactly how to formulate the commands. Look at "chick magnets." Rarely are they known for their physical attributes. No, they are experts in knowing when and what to say to members of the opposite sex. 

They say we only use 11% of our brain power. From my experience, we use 100% of our brain power. Only problem is that 89% of it is in conflict with conflicting beliefs.

For instance you believe there should be a medical doctor who is familiar with and knows how to treat you for skin parasites. One lady believed this so much that she went to over 40 physicians and the result was always the same - nadda.

How about samples. You believe that if you have pictures or samples that your doctor or a lab will be able to identify the organism. After hundreds of beautiful perfect pictures and samples no one, even at your local college, can identify the organisms, but you keep taking more and more pictures hoping to get the one that can be identified.

In both cases, your beliefs are working against you and you waste a lot of time getting no where.

And then after months and months of anguish, we also come to conclusions that, "nothing works," "there's no hope," "I'm going to die from these parasites," and so on. These thoughts and other similar ones are classified as, "Negative Thinking."

When dealing with this almost impossible task of getting your life back from Morgellons, there are many emotions that further complicate life -  Depression, confusion, anxiety, anger, uncertainty, frustration, malaise, to name a few.

What do you need to get your life back?
1 Quiet space - put all those feelings, beliefs and confusions away for a moment. Put them somewhere near-by like on top of your refrigerator, they will be there later if you need them.

2. Creativity. Yes, the more stressed we are, the lower our IQ and the less creative we are. In our Sunday conference calls, we always practice a stress management technique - deep breathing, EMF (tapping), QR response, and so on. When you catch yourself feeling stressed, use one of these techniques. And when you have a few minutes, listen to my
Inner World of Tranquility program

3, Convert frustration, depression, anger, upset and so on to a call to action. In our Sunday Conference call, we invite you to bring your frustration, confusion, depression, anger, and so on to the program and let us support and show you how to convert them to a call to action.

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Depression is often the worst of all the emotions. It can cause you to take your own life. Here's a life boat for depression: My Up From Depression Program!
I ask you to acknowledge your undesired emotions and your beliefs you may have about never being able to get your life back from these organisms and replace with commands your intelligence and act upon.

Robin, my Sunday co host, shared the following affirmation. What should you do with it? Commit it to memory one line at a time until you know all of them by memory. Whenever you notice any of the undesired emotions, acknowledge the emotion and state the affirmation over and over flooding out the undesired emotion or attitude.

"I am patient. I trust my journey

 Whatever comes my way, I will transform it into something that's good for me.   

I am ready to embrace new blessings. 

I get everything that I need at the right time. 

I am filled with calm and stillness. 

I am committed to my goals, no matter how long it takes. 

Patience comes naturally to me."

This affirmation opens up creativity for you to discover what to do and how to do it to get your life back. I will be releasing an Affirmations video this week on youtube - watch for it.