Why Probiotics are Not the Answer to Morgellons and Prebiotics Are 4/19/2020


Let's Clear Up the Confusion about Probiotics and Discover the World of Prebiotics. For decades the health experts have been preaching probiotics as the way to health. Many producers of yogurts have bragged about their probiotic content, but if you're dealing with Collembola, probiotics are not on the diet, and roughly 80% of those with Morgellons also have Collembola. I don't know why, but probiotics actually feed Collembola.

I remember feeling cheated that I could not take probiotics as I thought they were so important. But, recently, I discovered I was wrong about their importance. I asked our contributing writer, Diane Shanon, to research prebiotics vs probiotics and she wrote the following:

Healing from Morgellons by creating healthy gut bugs the natural way.

Current research reveals a natural way create healthy gut bugs and aid in healing from Morgellons. 
Have you ever wondered about all the hype in having to purchase this, that and the next health product to recover from Morgellons and maintain your health? 

The Science Fiction horror movie of Morgellons certainly does push us down a long dark rabbit hole frantically trying to find peace and be free.

•  Two important aspects to consider.

1.  Our soils are depleted of various nutrients impacting our health.  Selective supplementation is hence a must to replace these missing links.  

2.  As we age the bodies ability to make certain nutrients declines.  Supplementing these when the body is undergoing trauma has shown to be highly beneficial in getting out the Morgellons rabbit hole.

These two topics have been discussed in previous articles and Richard has written many articles about the targeted supplements he recommends in his Collembola/Lyme Pack and the Morgellons pack. He has cleared up the confusion as to which supplements make the most difference and at the same time are compatible with his King Diet.

Even though Socrates said centuries ago that all disease begins in the gut, it seems many of us are just beginning to realize the truth in what he said. 

•  Research proves the immune system is in the gut and it’s all to do with ensuring the healthy gut bug population outweighs the unhealthy gut bugs.

•  As per Organix 80% of our immune system cells are located in the upper GI tract.

•  A previous article "Bad Gut Bacteria Stresses Your Health" dated 11/24/2019

A must read revealing latest stats showing all disease shows a dominance of unhealthy gut bugs and how, when healthy gut bugs dominate disease is then reversed.

•  Together with all this latest, greatest research and extensive trials proving all of this resulted in a sudden influx of probiotics on the market.   Everyone went rushing out to get their healthy gut bugs in a bottle, powder or a pill.

•  History then repeats itself as new research reveals you have wasted your money buying probiotics.

•  Listen up it’s not all doomy and gloomy.

•  Let’s wake up and smell the roses.

•  A simple solution is at hand, and a very obvious one, if only we can see.

But first, take note…

•  Some simple probiotic facts.

•  When you think of probiotics, think of living things, think of fish in a fish tank.  

•  The water in the fish tank requires a certain temperature.  Oxygen must be circulating.  Sand, plants, pebbles and along comes the fish and the fish food.  When all these conditions are perfectly present, simulating how fish live naturally then the fish will be happy and well.  Remove any one of the former or disrupt it, the fish will get ill and eventually die.

•  Probiotics, just like fish require specific food in a specific environment. 

•  You are the environment and depending on what you consume depends on weather probiotics or parasites populate. 

•  Probiotics are delicate organisms like fish and when conditions are out of sync disease and death will be the final outcome.

•  Does this make some sense to you?

Taking this into consideration.

•  Should there any raised eyebrows when 1/3 of the probiotics studied show that the probiotics you think you are getting are D.O.A (dead on arrival) by the time the product reaches the final shelf.

•  -  Great products and good intent making probiotics.

•   Probiotics are initially counted at the time of manufacture.  The claims are correct and sincere.

•  Along the production lines and through the distribution centers and then eventually to the health shop a lot changes on route.

•  These delicate microbes have been exposed to multiple changes in heat, moisture, light and air together with continual bombardment to get to their destination. 

•  Talk about being all-shook-up!  Wouldn’t you also be if you went through this trauma?

•  Other obvious flaws with probiotics

•  Omegavia states, the reason we shouldn’t rely on probiotic suppliments is that healthy guts are home to thousands of different gut bug species.

•  Probiotic suppliments have mostly a dozen or so species and this results in a 99% lack, hence a disruption in the natural balance.

•  -  What is the general outcome when probiotics are taken?

•  Many people have improved with constipation and various other ailments when supplementing with probiotics, however only for a while it seems.  Their challenges are returning again.

•  Successful healing stories when taking probiotics are not resulting in the masses shouting from the roof tops ”I’m healed” hence there is nothing to write home to grandmother about. 

  So what is the healthy gut answer to all of this?

•  It is actually very simple.

•  The answer lies in only three words.


•  PREBIOTICS are the foods that healthy PROBIOTICS like to eat.

•  Populating your gut with probiotics means that all you need to do is eat the foods that they eat and you will create a healthy population of healthy gut bugs.

• -  The simple solution.

•  Transforming your diet by eating whole foods abundant in colorful fruits and veg.will ensure your health will be rewarded.  

•  This lifestyle change ensures you will naturally be eating prebiotic foods to promote your gut health.

•  Healthline highlights 19 of the best prebiotic foods to get you going and goes into informative detail why they are vital to your gut health.

1.Chicory Root
2.Dandelion Greens
3.Jerusalem Artichoke
8.Bananas - Read the Amazing Banana Stands Up to Fight Morgellons Disease 12/5/19
12.Konjac Root
14.Burdock Root
16.Yacon Root
17.Jicama Root
18.Wheat Bran

Unfortunately, some of these foods feed Morgellons and other skin parasites meaning we need to remove asparagus, barley, oats, apples (except for Granny Smith), flaxseeds and wheat bran. Read more at 10 Prebiotic Foods Feed Your Gut Bacteria.

•  Two important facts to take note of.

1. All disease begins in the colon

and also involves

2. Leaky-Gut Syndrome. 

•  Progressive and corrective solutions.

•  To get a head start, heal your leaky gut by taking restore or L-Glutamine  

These products restore your gut health and in addition to eating prebiotic foods you then flourish and build your immune system.

Now that you can see healthy is all about eating healthy can you now understand why the masses DO SHOUT FROM THE ROOF TOPS "HEALED” when LIFESTYLES HAVE TRANSFORMED.

Fruit and veg, God’s letters-of-life written by the rays of the sun.

How amazing is that?

by Diane Shannon South Africa


Many thanks to Diane for writing both an informative and entertaining article. Her metaphor of the fish was very effective.