Parasitologist to Help Defeat Complications Affecting Morgellons Disease 8/11/19


If you're received recommendations from me based on your answers to the skin parasite questionnaire, you'll see that I strongly advise against mixing my protocol with any other protocol by other naturalpaths, health professionals, or even doctors. There are several reasons:
1. If you have difficulty, I don't know enough about the other protocol to help you--my ignorance.
2. Many other protocols involve cleansing utilizing things like wormwood and black walnut which actually feed some skin parasites.
3. They have little if any experience with Morgellons and are mainly guessing.

And when it comes to parasitologists, it's generally guaranteed that you'll be wasting a lot of money and time. Years ago, a gal named Laura, went to the top parasitologist in NYC at her dad's urging. One visit cost $750--fortunately her dad paid--and she was told that she was stressed out and had no parasites. Another lady drove 4 hrs to see a top specialist, spend a bundle of money, and found herself standing in front of the specialist with a half dozen doctors in training who told the doctors in training that she was suffering from delusions. Time and time again, sufferers report similar experiences when seeking help from general practitioners, dermatologists, and parasitologists. With this being the state of the medical profession, there's little reason to consult them.

And the sad thing is that even though they may be totally ignorant about Morgellons and other skin parasites like Collembola, they are often totally ignorant about the infecting co-factors that accompany and complicate Morgellons:
• fungal infections (skin and internal)
• babesia
• protozoan
• bartonella
• intestinal parasites
Strongyloides stercoralis
Lyme disease
• various bacteria and viruses
just to name a few.

While many of my recommendations:
Food grade diatomaceous earth
Morgellons Cocktail
NG Chitinase Enzyme Formula
NG Mouth Wash based on Nature's Gift™ Debriding Soap

address many of these issues, it can take months. Laurie, found a parasitologist that actually knows what he's doing. While he didn't identify Morgellons and treat her for Morgellons, he did identify the following infectious co factors and treated her with juice cocktails which will make it far easier to get her life back from Morgellons. In other words, many variables were identified, treated, and eliminated. She sent in stool, urine, sputum, and blood samples for analysis.

Per his instruction, she forwarded samples to him and he found the following issues that had not been identified by other physicians that she consulted. He found:
• Anemia--Iron or B 12 deficiency

• Toxoplasma gondii protozoan--30-50% population have it. Can contribute to schizophrenia. Get from eating contaminated food.
• Bartonella spp--cat scratch disease--Lyme co-infection

• Aerobacter aergeneae (lungs)--a species of Gram-negative aerobic bacteria that produce gas and acid from sugars and are sometimes involved in the souring of milk.
• Coccioletes imitis
(valley fever- lungs) fungus
• Mycoplasmae pneuinuniae--walking pneumonia
• Candida Albicans 5   (1-5, 5 being the worst, and I was a 5 plus)

• Ascaris ovum (infertile) eggs of hook worms
• Bacteria Enterobacter cloacae 2 --rod shaped bacterium--opportunistic can enter through skin.
• ring worms--fungal skin infection

The good news is that these co factors were identified, treated, and eliminated, the less than good news is the price tag was over $3,000 for tests and special juices. The physician she consulted was Hammed A. Ibraheem, M.D., Ph.D, the internationally respected parasitologist and founder of the Eko University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Nigeria.

I thank Laurie for sending in her experience with Dr. Jbraheem.