Morgellons Disease, Parasite Cleanse, & Holidays 4/21/19


Received this question from Michelle a couple weeks before Christmas. It got lost in my email que, nevertheless, it's pertinent for any holiday and I should publish it with every holiday.

Dear Richard,
My name is Michelle,
I just got off the phone with Chris!! Boy is he an asset to your company!!!
With that said I need some help please!!!
I called to order the Parasite Cleanses Kit. And to my dismay Chris called me back to tell me it has been discontinued!! I asked Chris if you had something to replace it and that's when he told me I needed to email you!  Can you please tell me what I should get to replace the Parasite kit.
I have Morgellons and so does my 2 sons. I was going to order three kits. 
All kinds of things coming out of our bodies, black seeds, worms, maggot like creatures, fizz balls, mucous looking strands, hairy strings,  the whole nine yards!! One son is forty, the other forty two, me 69!!
HELP!! WE ARE SO SCARED! I took my youngest son to our family Dr. And explained he has Morgellons and she snapped at me and said, MICHELLE there is no such thing as Morgellons disease.
I talked her into referring him to an infectious disease specialist and am waiting on him for an appointment. 
Meanwhile what do I order from you to replace the Parasite Cleanses Kit??
Also my sister called and told me she was coming December 17 to stay at my house for a week to celebrate Christmas need insight on that also!!!

Richard I thank God for you!! And look so forward to hearing back from you!!


Hi Michele,
I'll pass along your comment to Chris--he'll be glad to know his efforts are appreciated.
I thought I had answered your email, but I guess I hadn't because I couldn't find a sent email to you--my apologies for not getting back to you yesterday.
We no longer handle the parasites cleanse kit because it also has wormwood and black walnut hull. Both of which feed Collembola. And even though we made every attempt to explain that, some ordered it who had Collembola and that just caused aggravation.
But, in its place I think we have a better option that's a lot less expensive. To learn more, pls go to

Are you and your children on the diet? It's very very important.

Are are of you bating up to 3 times a day with our debriding soap? It gets the debris out of your skin

Are you effectively disinfecting your surroundings? It can be quite an overwhelming job, but again, is super important.

May not be a good idea for your mother to stay in your home. Not everyone is susceptible to the disease, but you just can't predict who is and who isn't.

Tune into our Sunday 4:00 pm EST support call--watch for info about it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most infectious disease experts are a wast of time as you can ask others on the call for their experiences.

I  thank Michelle for writing. She addresses several important issues:
1. Internal Cleanse can be super important. In a recent blog post,
Antibiotics for Lyme and Morgellons Disease,
a Q&A video by Dr. Jay Davidson & Dr. Todd Watt they state that if you have a heart beat, you have internal parasites, and suggest that the first step in treating or dealing with any disease is to address internal parasites. We used to carry a detox kit. It was about $280 for a 6 week period.  Unfortunately, it contained both wormwood and black walnut hull which are very good ingredients to kill internal parasites, but unfortunately feed Collembola and I'd estimate that 80% of those with Morgellons also have Collembola. In it's place we've found that diatomaceous earth, DE and Diatomaceous Earth Morgellons, and consuming our NG mouth wash, Mouth Wash Might Just Be So Much More, do a great job. Read 6 Proven Diatomaceous Earth Uses and Benefits by Dr. Axe. Additionally, you may also consider our Morgellons Cocktail which is a combination of 5 therapeutic essential oils which will also give any internal parasite a "run for their money.

2. Doctors: For most sufferers, doctors seem to be more of an impediment than a help. I have tons of nightmare emails to this effect. Some have consulted parasitic disease experts and spent nearly a thousand dollars for the consult and were told their skin issues were as a result of stress and referred to a psychiatrist. 

3. Children: Children can be a challenge if they are infected. It's a challenge to get them to understand the importance of the diet, bathing, and disinfecting. And more importantly, limiting their social contact. It's difficult for them to understand all these limitations and work that has to be done to get their lives back. Yet, if they do not follow the protocol, they will constantly be reinfecting themselves and you.

4. Contagion: A previous blog post, How Contagious is Morgellons is important to read. Morgellons, skin fungus, mites, and Collembola can be highly contagious to some people--not everyone, but some. And, there's no way of predicting who is and who is not susceptible. Visitors to your home can contract it from a hug from you or by sitting in an infected chair, or walking on and infected floor, or sitting out on an infected patio, and so on. Thus, if you're having company, it's important to know that your home and surroundings are effectively disinfected and that you are symptom free of any itching, crawling or biting sensations or shedding and filaments.

And, it's advisable to take a long bath with NG and a disinfectant for 45 min or so before you visit or have visitors and wear disinfected clothes, otherwise, you'll be constantly worrying if someone will start itching or if the next time you see them, they will have tell-tale lesions.