What is Morgellons? Is It an Insect that Eats Concrete? 3/12/2021


This update started out as a comment from Dorothy disagreeing with what she read in my book, "How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, and Other Skin Parasites."

Re: Your questionnaire. I very much disagree with your diagnosis of Morgellons being a parasite. I after 30 years suffering Morgellons believe it is most certainly not. I believe it is a bacterial infection that stems from a tick or perhaps a mosquito bite. Much like Lymes Disease, however not exactly. I'm 60 in a few months and have dealt with it 30 years. I believe it's a bacteria that hoards the minerals in your body, that then forms filaments. They are part of your skin until finally it's rejected and releases from the skin. I bought your soap to try, although I'm not expecting too much. I've tried thousands of things over the last 30 years. I eject from 50 to 100 crystal filaments from my face alone daily, and more from other active spots on my body even more. There are no parasites involved. My body produces crystal filaments, sand filaments, fiber filaments of various colors, and on occasion a tobacco looking filament. I've dealt with this half my life and do have some intelligence.

Thank you for writing Dorothy,
if you read anywhere in my writings that Morgellons is a parasite, let me know where you found it as I need to correct it.

As far as diagnosis, I do not and am not allowed to diagnose per FDA and AMA federal regulations. What I'm allowed to do is to educate. And according to Dr. Savely who wrote "Morgellons - The Legitimization of a disease," she identifies the characteristics of Morgellons creating filaments of various colors comprised of keratin and collagen. I never tell anyone they have Morgellons but only that according to Dr. Savely's writings that filaments describe Morgellons.

Morgellons is not a parasite, however, it can hijack mites, helminths, other insects, and plastic-like things that defy identification to parasitize them. Lee shared one example of a rather strange manifestation or  how it's even thought that Morgellons can infest wood and even concrete.  2021 MORGELLONS RESEARCH SHOWS PARASITES INFESTING WOOD IN YOUR HOME! Part 1

I would say that nearly 2 or 3% of those suffering from Morgellons have claimed that the organisms penetrate ceramics, wood, metal cans, counter tops and so on. so I would not argue about concrete either. She found that, "Murphy's Oil Wood Soap - the concentrate. I then added about 1.5" to the bottom of a spray bottle. I added peppermint oil because they use it in gardens to deter bugs. Lice can be killed with Tea Tree Oil so that came next. My most important ingredient was added last: cinnamon. I had discovered that Ceylon Cinnamon killed them and have been using it to treat myself. I use between 1 or 2 tablespoons of each oil. I filled the remaining bottle with water. If you are going to clean tile and grout - add 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol."

I would suggest using NG Hand Soap in place of the Murphy's Oil Wood Soap and to mix the essential oils with the NG before adding water. However, for the most part, red cedar oil applied to the surfaces is reported to have equal benefit, so you now have a choice if this is the kind of organism. 

Regarding pictures of what Morgellons looks like go to her Home Page, you'll see many images similar to what people send me asking if it's Morgellons. So take a look, you won't find many pictures in my blog simply because I'm not into diagnosing or claiming these pictures are Morgellons. I'll let her do that for me. But there are a few pics on the cover of my book. 

Morgellons is not a parasite, however, it can hijack mites, helminths, other insects, and plastic-like things that defy identification to parasitize them. Lee shared one example of a rather strange manifestation or  how it's even thought that Morgellons can infest wood and even concrete. 

The exact nature of Morgellons has not been proved or identified by anyone only various speculations including all of the above. Presently, there are no diagnostic tests available to identify it.
  Now, while you've suffered from Morgellons for 30 years and know your Morgellons inside and out, please note that I've communicated, like I am with you, with thousands suffering with Morgellons and other skin parasites since the late 90's. And, what I find is that there is almost an infinite variety of symptoms. No two sufferers have exactly the same symptoms. For instance, the filaments can infinitely vary in size and color and some even move. Some have black goo (bio film) others white goo, some no goo. Some had unsightly lesions and others don't. Some have worms, insects, mites, and even plastic-like barbs ranging from 1/2" in length to 3" coming out of their skin, others have nothing coming out of their skin. Some have burning skin, others don't. Some have intense itching and biting, others don't. Some were infected with sewage back ups or slime mold, many weren't. Some were infected by mites, bed bugs, carpet beetles, ticks and so on, others weren't. Some infected in their gardens, at their salon, sitting on an airplane seat, others have no idea where the infection came from. The list of differences is almost endless but the common factor is always the presence of filaments said to be comprised of keratin and collagen. 

Research reported by the  Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation Announces A New Study That Strengthens Association Between Tickborne Infections And Morgellons Disease finds that 90% of Morgellons sufferers have one of two types of Lyme spirochetes as reported in blog post, The Lyme Disease Morgellons Connection 1/28/2020 . Thus, not everyone who has Morgellons has Lyme disease.  It is also known that most of those with Lyme disease DO NOT have Morgellons.

So, your experience, while it is well known to you is only one of the hundreds of variations that Morgellons can produce.

But, what we do know is that the diet works and those who are strict with our protocol do get their lives back.
If you were on a recent conference call, you would have heard five people attest to the fact that it works.

She wrote back to inform me that what I wrote in the book, was "Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites," interpreted as Morgellons being a parasite. While I never looked it at that way, I pointed out that writing, "Collembola and Other Mites," doesn't  mean that Collembola is a mite. Collembola is a hexapod and is has its own classification. 

So, if Morgellons is not a parasite, not fungal, not bacterial or viral, what the heck is it? At this point in time, we just don't know exactly what it is. We know that it modifies one's DNA. 

While it's been around for hundreds of years, from what I've read and studied, there are several contributing factors to it's predominance today. 
1. Monsanto's glyphosate (Round Up herbicide) which is a mild antibiotic that destroys the biome of the gut. Socrates, centuries ago, stated that all disease begins in the gut. And from what we now know about the mouth biome, it's often a part of what gets destroyed too contributing to disease. 
2. Monsanto's GMO's which allows pesticides to enter our bodies through the foods we eat contributing to toxic over-load. 
3. EMF (electro motive frequencies) are harmful radiation from not only solar radiation, but nuclear, cell frequencies (3G, 4G, 5G) that disrupt the body's systems. 
4. Chemtrails: If you google chemtrails "chemtrail theories or conspiracies," all you see is that chemtrails are nothing but condensing exhausts from airplanes that make the white plume and that there is no evidence of seeding the atmosphere with any substances. But, when you look at some of the photos taken of chemtrails you see criss crossing or hatch-like designs. If you dig deeper you'll find that chemtrails are the seeding of the atmosphere with aluminum, barium, strontium, titanium, and other elemental substances for artificial intelligence experimentation. The metals are converted into crystals with the acid in the gut and then assimilate into various structures with different purposes - some crab-like looking to move throughout the body. 

But for some reason, just like cancer is from cells inside our body going haywire and multiplying at extrordinary rates eventually killing the host, these manobots can go haywire too and the result is Morgellons Disease. The video expaining all this is "A solution They Do Not Want You to Know."  I've been looking at youtube chemtrail videos for years and, yes, it definitely looks like there's something going on simply because of the cross hatching of the trails. I live near Newark NJ airport. We have three major airports in this area with hundreds of planes in the sky and I have never seen vapor trails from the airliners much less cross hatching as I've seen photographed in the Western skies. And, if you dig deeper you'll find all kinds of speculations. 

Even the Morgellons Foundation has an article, "Chemtrails and Morgellons: It's Worse Than You Think" which is a lot of speculation based on observation. And what none of the chemtrail videos or articles answered is a basic question, "What the hell happens with these elements once we breathe them in?"""A Solution The Do Not Want You to Know." answers that question and many more that I never even thought to ask. But, in the youtube video it's stated that the filaments are silicone in nature. However, I've always read that the filaments are made of collagen and keratin but there's no silicone in either collagen or keratin. But then, I can't find the reference to check if it was an assumption or based on chemical analysis. 

When you put these four factors together, you have a "Perfect Storm," that can result in Morgellons. 

The Chemtrail theory explains how it might create Morgellons spontaneously, but from the questionnaires I've evaluated, it's rare that someone reports Morgellons spontaneously appearing, but instead, they report being infected by other vectors such as mites, bed bugs, carpet beetles, slime mold, backed up sewers, or from a hotel room, another person, a toilet seat, an airplane seat, gardening, cleaning a dirty house, infected bird nest, and so on.  

But then, not everyone is susceptible to being infected. Many times only one person in a household is infected. I've often thought it might be a pheromone issue, but maybe those who do get infected are subject to it because they have the mutant crystalline issue from chemtrails. 

Back to the question, "Is Morgellons a Parasite?" As stated before, it can parasitize other organisms like mites, nematodes, and so on to infect and live upon the host, but not everyone who has Morgellons has this happen. For this reason, I was not looking at Morgellons as a parasite. However, in response to reading this update Lisa wrote, 

"The term Parasite: 
The definition of a parasite is some lifeform that lives (feeds) at the expense (harm) of the host.  The parasite can be a virus, bacteria, fungus, insect, worm, or any other organism.  So, to call morgellons "a parasite" is 100% correct.  You do not need to identify (by taxonomy) or give a "name" to the organism to say it is a parasite.  Most people think in terms of a parasite as something that they can see ( visible multi celled organisms) but the truth is most parasites are microscopic.  So just because morgellons is a name given to a set of symptoms, and has many other co infections, it is also a parasite that  has been found in the skin.  The fibers are the parasite, as that is the term for morgellons. The fibers as the defining symptom is enough to label it a parasite.  Many parasitic diseases have only identified the parasite in the last 100 years as microscopic analysis found the creature responsible. With morgellons we have the creature (fibers) but just don't understand it fully yet.  The woman that thinks it is not a parasite is wrong, she does not understand the term "parasite."  We also use that term when describing people that "live off others" like criminals or thiefs.  We also use it to describe parts of society that take advantage of the working members of society, some people call politicians and lawyers parasites.  There are people that make you exhausted to be around and are called energy parasites."

I thank Lisa for taking the time to write. I love her analogy of politicians and lawyers being parasites. I might add that, in my opinion, not all lawyers and politicians are parasites, but because of the ones that are parasites, we need the few good lawyers and politicians that we have to protect our interests. But, yes, it makes perfect and total sense to consider the filaments as the parasite as they do use up nutrients from our skin. Exactly why and how the filaments are created is THE BIG unknown at this time. But, yes, per this understanding, Morgellons, contrary to what the Dorothy wrote in the beginning of this update, is a parasite.