Ozone Update and Alternatives 9/1/18


I've been recommending using ozone to disinfect your surroundings when ammonia isn't enough. At first, it was thought that treating an area one time with ozone would suffice until it got recontaminated. That worked for some, but not for everyone. And, as we look at the incubation time of eggs from mites, a one time treatment would not be sufficient as ozone doesn't destroy the eggs.

The most recent recommendation is to treat the affected area with ozone every day for 21 days straight, and not just one time a day as we last suggested. The new instructions are to run the generator for a half hour three times over about a 5 hour period of time with the generator shut down for at least an hour between treatments and leave an hour before occupying the space. The ozone generator comes with a timer that uses pins to turn it on and off to accomplish this schedule.

The ozone generatorin our on-line store is a 10,000 mg/hr unit and is recommended for 500 square feet with 8' ceilings. Larger spaces require more units. It's recommended to keep the room as cool as possible with air conditioning. Reason being that the cooler the plates, the more efficient the ozone generator. It's also recommended to position them higher on furniture rather than on the floor area. And if you have another fan, aim it at the generator to further circulate the ozone.
  One lady wrote to inform me that by using the ozone generator in her car, it is finally habitable. But remember, if your doing your car, a half hour is way way too too long to run the generator. Only ten or so minutes is required. And, you may have to treat it daily for up to 21 days.

Caution: if you leave the ozone generator on for extended periods of time, ozone can destroy insulation on wiring, rubber, and synthetic fabrics. It may also destroy your computer if it's on with the fan circulating the ozone through it for an extended period of time.

Alternatives to ozone generators, which are $140 in our on-line store, are:
1. triple pesticide described in Chapter III of my book which it about $100. It's a combination of three ingredients (Onslaught, Exponent, and IGR (growth inhibitor)).
2. CedarCide and PCO which I'll report on in another update which can be up to nearly a thousand dollars
3. Halogenerator, which I'll report on in another update and is around $6,000. The halogenerator breaks down salt and disperses it.
4. Electrostatic generator which can be use to disperse NG and coat everything with it at a cost of around $800.00. I'll report on it after more information is available. This may be a viable solution for the eggs of mites as it will coat them with NG or anything you use with it.