Disinfecting Collembola and Morgellons with Ozone 7/12/18


Over the last year, there have been several updates about using ozone to disinfect your living space for both Morgellons and Collembola--the last one Jan 14, 2018. Years ago, I didn't believe that ozone units were effective against Collembola, but then I was only familiar with the smaller units that produce about 4,000 mg/hr that you find on ebay for $70. Fortunately, a subscriber shared a source for higher output units that are effective. And even so, there's has been a learning curve and improvements of the ozone generator over the last year. Initially, the manufacturer produced a 20,000 mg/hr unit that had to be integrated with a bulky box fan that you needed to obtain on your own and rig it to the ozone generators. It was a bulky set-up and frustrating to move from room to room. Plus, because of the way the air was distributed from the box fan over the ozone plates, it allowed the plates to heat up which significantly reduced it's efficiency to the point where you might only get 10,000 mg/hr.

That bulky unit has been replaced with a compact 10.000 mg/hr unit that has improved air distribution that keeps the plates cooler resulting in much higher efficiency that actually produces 10,000 mg/hr. We have also learned that rather than having one large unit producing 50,000 mg/hr to cover a large space, it's better to have multiple smaller units (10,000 mg/hr) spread out around the area being treated.

Sherrie has a large living space and asks for clarification on how many units she needs for her large living space

I have the main family room, living room, dining room and kitchen all open to each other.  I would say the highest ceilings are 12 1/2 feet (small area of that high) and the great room is about 512 sq ft.  Then bordering that is the the kitchen and it is about 215 sq ft, then on the other side is the living room 204 sq ft.  Again, these rooms are all open to each other.  
That's approx 900 square feet for the combined area--pretty large--especially with the high ceilings.
The manufacturer would recommend two units to cover that total space. However, I believe that if you have a resistant strain of Collembola, as many as 4 or 5 units would be required spaced throughout the area--that's 40 to 50,000 mg/hr
The bedrooms you do separately with one or two units depending on size.
All in all, ozone is superior to cedarcide which usually doesn't work and could cost you a thousand dollars for a couple treatments and it's gone where you can use the ozone generators over and over again.

I thank Sherrie for asking the question. I went to the forever ozone site and found this question and answer that may explain why ozone hasn't worked for everyone. And that's because, it's important to more than a few ozone treatments with mites and or Collembola. Here's a question and answer from the manufacturer's site. .
  • How long do you have to run this to clear a 12 x 14 room of mites?

    One or two one hour shock treatments for 21 straight days. You'll notice a huge reduction after one shock treatment and no mites after 2 days, but they lay eggs and breed like crazy. The egg cycle is 21 days so do yourself a favor and follow our instructions and you'll be mite free (and they won't come back) if you do our 21 day protocol. Our units don't run hot and produce higher concentrations than all other ozone units, that's why they work. Other units stop producing ozone after a few minutes because the ozone plates reach 150 degrees and at those temps all they do is produce Nox (burnt ozone smell)

The 10,000 mg/hr unit is on special in our on-line store for $130. Note that you need to make sure you want the unit before ordering. Because of possible contamination, returns are not accepted and there are no refunds given under any circumstances. We also have a ozone bidet for vaginal or rectum use and again, no returns or refunds given.

Ozone is said to destroy mold, bacteria, viruses, mildew, mites, and all small living organisms--spiders, mice, roaches, and so on. It is dangerous to breath for more than a few minutes. The ozone generators can be used in living spaces, basements, crawl spaces, autos, closets and so on.

Cautions: Do not breathe for extended periods of time. Ozone can destroy insulation on wires, rubber, synthetic fabrics and so on if over used. Read manufacturers instructions before using the generators.