Dealing with Morgellons Disease in Your Nose and Eyebrows 8/20/19


Questions that come up from time to time are about what to do to deal with Morgellons parasites in the nose, ears and eye area. Richard writes, shares his progress, and asks,

"Hi Richard, Thought I would take a few minutes to update you on my current status. 

Since taking and using your products to include the diet, I’ve gone from what felt like 10% quality of life to 90%! 
Almost all my symptoms I can’t seem to lose are from bottom of neckline to top of my head. I get biting lesions on side of my head right behind my eyes, back of head, inside nose, eyebrows, back of neck, and where hair meets the neck. 
Still wake up to some occasional hard white specks running down my back or in bed but nothing close to what it used to be. 

Bottom line is I feel much closer to healing then I thought was even possible so thank you for your research, products, and for caring enough to try make a big difference by using your voice to these awful skin diseases.

Any suggestions you have towards healing and preventing these last bit of symptoms I have are more than welcome. 
What can I put in my nose and on my eyebrows?

Thank you again Sir


Richard M


Hi Richard,
Thanks for taking the time to share your progress. I'm happy for your success in dealing with Morgellons.

Thanks for asking the question. Coincidentally, our guest speaker, Elle who shared how she got her life back, on our Sunday Support call yesterday had the same issue so I posed your question to her.
This is her answer:
"I would fill the 4oz spray bottle with NG, distilled water and lavender essential oil. I’d advise slightly heavier ratio of NG too. Use this spray RELENTLESSLY and REPEATEDLY, even if it means every few minutes. He can spray it around and into the nostril area and around the hairline. He can spritz onto his hands and fingers and wipe around the eye area - carefully. 
If he is consistent over the period of a few days, his symptoms should lessen, I know, I’ve done it and got results. It almost seems too simple, but the key to effectiveness lies in the frequency of application. 
I wish him well. 
I agree with Elle. The goal is to mimic your nose being in a bath so start with applying it every few minutes in the beginning and eventually every hour or so--be aggressive. Start with a dilution of one part 100% Nature's Gift Concentrate to about 40 parts of water. With time you can go to one part NG to 30 parts water if necessary.
Lavender oil is in our on-line store, but if for some reason, you don't like it, there's clove, lemon, rosemary, red thyme , and so on. I'd avoid peppermint because of the sensitive mucosa membranes. And it would definitely smart around the eyes.
For your neck, back of head, side of your head and so on, we have many creams and lotions. I'd suggest starting with super MSM gel at
then there's our NG skin lotion
or Claudia's Dream Cream which is new and improved.
you can apply which ever you choose every few minutes in the beginning and less frequently as your skin feels better.

And of course, it's important to be strict with the King Diet™.

For asking your question, there's a one time $5 discount for you for any purchase of $25 or more waiting for you at
Once again, I thank Richard for taking the time to share his progress and bring up the subject of what to do for the nose and around the eyes. And, I thank Elle for providing what she did for the difficulties she faced with her nose. Elle's experience that she shared last Sunday was highly motivational and inspirational and a must listen to. Click here for it. If you never listen to another one of the Sunday recordings, listen to this one.

Ears is another subject that frequently arises. And, in our on-line store, we have both ear drops for humans and ear drops for pets. You could actually squirt this solution into your nose as well and a few drops of the essential oil of your choice.