The Magic of Nature's Gift in fighting Morgellons Disease 5/24/2020


What's the magic behind Nature's Gift Debriding Soap? After all, when you only put a cap full of concentrate in a bath, it's not strong enough to kill the organisms and you actually have to add a disinfectant like essential oils, pool shock, borax, Epson salts, hydrogen peroxide, and so on to kill them. Why not just use the disinfectant?

Answer: The disinfectants kill whatever is on the surface of your skin. Think about it. If you were one of these organisms hanging out somewhere on or in the skin and you sensed danger, what would you do? You wouldn't go to the surface where the poison was the strongest, you'd dig in to escape the attack of the disinfectant. Now, if you were on the surface of the skin, it might be too late and you're dead. But, if you were embedded slightly in one of the upper levels of the dermis, you'd just go deeper and avoid the onslaught of the poison. This would be true too if you were a Morgellons filament. If you're very near the surface, it's "lights out," but if you're a bit entrenched, you won't be affected.

Nature's Gift debriding soap (NG) has a particle size of just six angstroms. That's .6 nano meters. And water, H2O, is just 3 angstroms. For reference a piece of typical 20 # copy paper is 10,000,000 angstroms thick - that ten million angstroms. The thickest skin on your body is the heel of your feet at 20 million angstroms, Eye lids. according to Plastic Surgeon, are the thinnest at about the thickness of a sheet of paper - 10 million angstroms. According to PMC , the pores in your skin range in size from 70.000 to 100,000 angstroms. According to Britannica, there are 25 to 30 layers of dead skin on the surface of the skin. The distance between skin cells is 300 angstroms.

What do all these numbers mean? Where disinfectants are chemicals with molecular structures made up of many atoms, Nature's Gift is actually just one atom of carbon with a particle size of just 6 angstroms in diameter. It loves water which is only 3 angstroms in diameter. Both are so small that they can go through many layers of your skin. Remember, the space between skin cells is 300 angstroms which is plenty space for the water and debriding soap to penetrate deep in the skin.

While a few molecules of disinfectant may get into the skin, they are not in high enough concentration to impact the organisms. However, many carbon atoms (Nature's Gift™) surround the organisms and while not enough to destroy the organisms, they are enough to irritate the organisms to the point that they are cleaned from the lower levels of the skin as they migrate to the surface. The purpose of a long bath of about 45 minutes is to provide enough time for the Nature's Gift™ to get into the deeper levels, irritate the organism sufficiently, provide enough time for the organisms to evacuate to the surface, and then let the disinfectant you use in the bath to destroy most of the organisms.

I remember years ago when I was reinfected, I had the experience where NG has dislodged larger adult organisms - too big for the disinfectant to quickly kill - from one area of my body and they tried to bite their way into my skin at another location - ouch. This is why it's recommended to take up to three baths a day in the beginning to get them out and not give them enough time to fully mature.