A Huge Myth About Morgellons Disease 12/11/19


Eve sent me a link to a post on Health Line, Wo Gets Morgellons Disease full of myths. For instance, "Most research since 2013 suggests MD is spread by a tick, so it is unlikely to be contagious. People who don’t have MD and live with family members that do rarely get symptoms themselves.

The fibers and skin that are shed may cause skin irritation to others, but can’t infect them."

It's amazing that the research to which they referred that finds Morgellons spread by ticks was not referenced. I'd like to see that research. What I did find interesting is that the post referenced the CDC stating that 3.65 out of 100,000 have Morgellons Disease. Why that interesting is that the CDC also states that 8.1 out of 100,000 have Lyme disease as referenced in my blog post 27 Out of 100,000 Suffer from Delusions of Parasites 4/29/18. What's really amazing is that if the CDC states 3.65 out of 100,000 have Morgellons and 8.1 out of 100,000 have Lyme disease, that means the CDC acknowledges that Morgellons is nearly half as prevalent as Lyme disease which is deemed an epidemic. So, Morgellons is a semi epidemic? And they continue to ignore it. Yet, a researcher from Mayo Clinic, referenced in the 4/29/18 blog post indicates that approximately 27 out of 100,000 who are diagnosed with Delusions of Parasites have Morgellons which as I stated in that blog post is 3 times more than have Lyme disease.

Regardless of which number is correct, they both numbers say that Morgellons is a real factor in today's world.

Back to the tick and that fibers and skin can't infect others with Morgellons. The article has a feedback feature in which I noted that I didn't find the article useful and wrote the following. Unfortunately, after investing the time to write my response, the form would not submit. Yet, after the last update was about a myth, I realized that most of the article which is about How People get Morgellons is a myth. So, if you read the article, perhaps you can comment based on your experience and refer them to my book. This is what I wrote that did not get submitted.

Over the last twenty years I have collected data and communicated with thousands of sufferers or Morgellons disease characterized, as noted in the press release, by strange filaments growing from their skin.

No one has ever reported ticks as their vector. Bed bugs, carpet beetles, no-see-ums, bird mites, rat mites, and other mites are the vectors that they report--not ticks.

Additionally, many have reported contracting the disease from contact with infectious fibers. People have reported noticing initial symptoms of itching simply from sitting in an airplane seat, a public toilet, a friend's car, a doctor's office, as well as while gardening with new supply of mulch, cutting down a tree, dislodging a bird nest, or cleaning up nests of mice/rats, backed up sewers, moving into a moldy or infested home and the list goes on. Grand children pick it up from visiting grandma.

In many families only one person is infected and in other families, nearly everyone is infected.  

I thank Eve for sending me this release. The irony is that the Morgellons Foundation is the source of these myths. It seems that we live on two different planets. Either that, or they simply don't communicate with Morgellons sufferers. For instance in Dr. Savely's book, Morgellons: The legitimization of a Disease, she states Morgellons is not contagious and supports that statement by saying she's been working with Morgellons patients for many years and hasn't contracted the disease herself. Not very scientific, is it? Is this how those at the foundation determine it's not contagious? 

One lady read my book and when she read the part about Morgellons being contagious, disqualified me in her mind as being an authority because she had Morgellons and had 250 people working for her and none had ever contracted the disease from her. So, it seems that the experts at the Morgellons foundation go by their own personal experience, live in an ivory tower of research, and yet fail to communicate with hundreds of sufferers about the topic and spread a myth.

And, while it's not discussed in the Health Line post, another myth they spread is that disinfection of your surroundings is not important which means that all our products in our on-line store for disinfection are useless. Fortunately, they are not adverse to cleaning your skin.

Point is I never had to ask the question as to whether Morgellons is contagious. Dozens have freely shared that they either gave it to someone (often family members) or they contracted Morgellons from another individual. And, yes, as the Morgellons Foundation claims, some have shared that they contracted the disease from taking in a rescue dog.

Please read the post
Who Gets Morgellons Disease, and if your experience says differently, see if you can submit feedback to the contrary.