Motel-Hotel Warning 4/18/18


Ahhh, motels/hotels: a subject I've heard many times.

Thank you for your insight..some things have gotten better..the itching in the nose has eyes have gotten extremely better..and my head is a day to day task..but not so much of the crawling feeling I've felt. i use selsun blue shampoo with tea tree and coconut oils added..always clean up after myself ..shower.counter.toilet.floor.towels ext..wash towels and my cloths with anti bacterial soap with ammonia..if out of that..i use essential oils..pepperment and lavender added to wash along with lavender dryer sheets..i've only been hurting in my back shoulder areas..question to me is I also hurt sometimes in armpit areas..behind my knees..back of leg area..but mostly my right shoulder in the rotator cup area..I'm gonna be starting a job of highway roadwork and will be leaving for the week..I'm scared that if a problem arises as my condition started from staying in a filthy motel..i got in the hot tub not thinking and bam a year later been dealing with condition has recently got better about 75% but it's still a battle..thanks again and msg me back..."

"Motels/hotels--even the five star ones--can be a problem. It's always a possibility. It just depends on who inhabited the room before you did. I often hear of parasites sufferers leaving their infected homes to go to a motel. I cringe as i know the next person, in that room, who is susceptible will become infected.

The good news is that you are ahead of where you were as you now know if the room is infected, you'll feel it within minutes and insist on another room. Plus, if you have the debriding soap with you, you can stop the advance of the critters right away as you're changing rooms."

I thank Ryan for writing and glad he's improving significantly. Consider this: Hot tubs have plumbing that is not accessible to disinfect like you would your regular tub. That plumbing accumulates and harbors every organism that has been there unless it's last been disinfected. And to disinfect the hot tub, it has to be filled and then a specified amount of disinfectant added, per manufacturer's instruction, and it has to then be circulated for a minimum of ten minutes. So, how often do you believe the hotel management has these tubs disinfected?

Even if no one using the tub has skin fungus, it can grow just as mold on bread inside the piping. I suggest staying away from public hot tubs and Jacuzzis, and if you do use them, make sure you have debriding soap and more importantly, plenty of peppermint or lavender or some other disinfectant to add to the water. And, of course shower off when finished with one of the NG soaps. And, if you notice the slightest of burning sensations or itching, progressively apply the NG body wipe or one of the NG creams, lotions, or MSM gels.