Elle Didn't Give Morgellons Disease a Chance 8/23/19


Morgellons Disease remains a psychiatric disorder, according to the CDC. and a mystery and an enigma to researchers and the entire medical profession even with the Morgellons Foundation fighting to have the disease legitimized, Elle doesn't give it a chance to ruin her life as it has many such as joni Mitchell. It is not uncommon for those who lack direction in taking back their lives to lose their jobs, careers, homes, family support, become homeless, or even commit suicide.

Last Sunday, Elle, from northern NJ, shared, in our Sunday Support call, how she won her battle against skin parasites utilizing my book, How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, and Other Skin Parasites--she didn't give Morgellons a chance. The source of her parasites was from a sick house she had rented. The house had been infested with rodents, birds and so on that completely contaminated the house to the point she had to take up residence in a hotel with her children. This is a  "Have to Listen Call." If you've never tuned in or listened to any of the Sunday calls, this one is imperative.

For instance, she spoke about the King Diet™. Interesting because just yesterday update, Beat Morgellons Disease with the King Diet was not about trying the diet, but doing the diet. She shared that she was on the diet for about three weeks before it kicked in. Unfortunately, I fear most give up after a few days if they don't see results. Elle writes,
"The important point I was trying to convey was dedication to achieving a good outcome and that it is possible. I do think people “try” things once or twice and write it off as failure. They are incorrect to do so, as we know."

She extensively used our ozone generator to disinfect her home--taping off the doors to keep the ozone in. Later she became one of the first to use the electrostatic sprayer to deal clean her environment. Since then, she has coached many others in getting  the most out of the sprayer and she issued a 21 day challenge: Use the sprayer for 21 days straight and your environment will be clean of organisms. The magic of the 21 days comes from the longest gestation period of any mite. The idea is not to miss a day. If you miss a day, mites will hatch and lay eggs starting the cycle all over again.

What Elle shared was so in depth and informative that it went beyond what is in Chapter III of my book. It was so informative that I seriously asked her to revise chapter III of my book which is about how to disinfect your surroundings and clean your skin. Definitely, a lot of what she shared will eventually find it's way into the chapter.


As a result of the call, she received many calls from those who listened looking for more help.
Two listeners wrote in.

"Elle was very informative and inspirational 
Really great"

"Thank you Richard for today's call. When Elle sends you the Amazon link for the sleeping bag liner please broadcast that in your emails so that we can all access that.  that was a great wonderful phone call today thank you!!"