Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous When It Comes to Morgellons Treatment 4/8/18

I list about a half dozen medications in my book and have written about them in several updates. that I or others have found very beneficial in the newest treatment for Morgellons. Everyone suffering from Morgellons and other skin parasites has gone to one or many doctors hoping to be prescribed a medication for Morgellons Syndrome to help with the itching, biting, lesions, and suffering.

Medications they typically prescribe as a Morgellons disease cure are ivermectin, sulfa drugs, and antibiotics. They take them willingly but find little if any benefit.

Yet, when a medication like orap is suggested, feathers get raised. Rita writes and asks, "So i really do not understand the psych med thing?? is it to calm peoples nerves?? i know you said it detracts the bugs."

how can so many different meds do the same thing?????

Unfortunately, most people come to the same conclusion that you did.
Fortunately, for me, I was ignorant about these meds 25 yrs ago and when my dermatologist prescribed orap I didn't know enough to question it--after all he was a dermatologist--not a psychiatrist. And the difference it made in my life had nothing to do with any mental issues--I got my first complete through the night sleep in years after I took just one tablet.

Only years later, as I wrote about orap, was it brought to my attention that it's typically used for Tourette's
Syndrome. Believe me, I did not have Tourette's Syndrome and noticed no difference in my speech or muscle tics as a result if using it.

So, people who cry that these meds are only anti-psychotics have a big problem. They know too much, but not enough to make an intelligent decision.

Just like most doctors know nothing about Morgellons, mites, and Collembola, they know nothing about the other uses of these medications as anti-parasitics. These medications do not numb your senses, they somehow turn off the appeal that these bugs have for you.

Maybe when the CDC finally researches how these organisms can live on man, then they can research and figure out what it is about these meds that turn off the attraction the bugs have for humans and will be able to educate the medical community on the effective use of these medications.

We have a long long way to go to understand exactly what these meds do. I don't think that all of these meds are equal for everyone. Some work better for one person than they might for another. That's why doctors "Practice" medicine. There's rarely one med that will work for everyone, so under the doctor's supervision, the patient tries one of the meds. If it works, great. If it produces side effects or produces no result, then he'll try another med. I doubt that a prescription med exists that doesn't have a bad side effect for someone. Even eating too much sugar will kill you.

Bottom line is that
every med I have listed has made a significant difference for at least one person and for that reason, I have listed them. Obviously, some may have more side effects than others and you'd want to find the one that's most effective for Morgellons Syndrome with the least, if any, side effects.

Rita was actually very kind in how she asked about the meds. Some have called me crazy for recommending these medications.

If we look at orap and say its a psychiatric drug, it's like saying, "Water is slippery and I shouldn't take a bath because I might slip and break my neck, or worms are ucky and I shouldn't take a bath with the debriding soap because I might see ucky worms in my bath water."

First of all, orap is used for Tourettes syndrome. Even though Wikipedia calls it a neurological psychiatric disorder, none of the other medical sites.WebMD.Mayo Clinic.Tourette Association...relate it being with a psychiatric malady--they call it a neurological disorder as in muscle tics and vocalizations--not psychiatric.

Now, here's the rub, the medical profession actually promotes the use of orap as a Morgellons disease treatment--they think it reduces the symptoms of delusions of parasites.  And here's a study from 2010 that claims Morgellons was successfully treated with orap. Amazing!! Some doctors already know about orap, but think that the success is in treating the delusion when in actuality the success is in treating the physical organic issues of Morgellons--a true irony.

And, yes, most of the other meds are typically used as psychiatric meds--Zyprexa, Seroquil, Risperdal..., but that doesn't mean they don't make a difference with mites and skin parasites.

Low dose Naltrexone, on the other hand, is used for many many other applications. Claudia, yes, the same Claudia who makes our dream cream, has been free of Morgellons since she added low dose Naltrexone to her life over a year ago.

Some write me and tell me that they've been on the King Diet™. are disinfecting, bathing, using the supplement, taking Iufenuron, and still have trouble getting rid of the symptoms. In other words, they are doing a lot of My protocol, but must have ignored or skipped over the list of medications given below. Perhaps, because a "little knowledge is dangerous," and they equate these meds with anti-psychotic meds and in their mind that would make their doctor, who diagnosed them with delusions, right.

Or they write and tell me that they've been on Stage I of the diet for 6 or more months.

All I can say is that, "I've been there." In the last twenty-five years of my life I've been symptom free for twenty of them. However, sometimes when I've been reinfected, the diet and the protocol was not enough to get freedom from the symptoms. No, it wasn't. I've had to get a script for orap on a couple of occasions to give the diet a kick start--two mg twice a day for starters and then within a week or so down to 2 mg once at night. And, then after a few more weeks down to 1 mg once a night, and after a few months down to 1 mg twice a week all while moving to Stage III of the diet within a month or so. I still take about 1 mg per week. Maybe I no longer need it, but I respect Collembola and I like being on Stage III of the diet.

Here is the list:

1.ORAP: 1 mg per day up to 3 mg/day if needed typically used for Tourette syndrome and motor tics
2. Zyprexa: 2.5 mg per day at bed time for up to six months with blood lipids checked after four mos typically used for schizophrenia and bipolar.
3. Doxepin: 10 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for anxiety
4. Abilify: 2 mg per day working up to 7.5 mg per day for 4 months and then back down slowly to 2 mg per day to stop. Typically for depression
5.Zolof: 25 mg once per day (duration unknown) typically used for depression/panic attack
6. Serequel 30mg typically use for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
7. Lyrica (dosage unknown) typically used for seizures, fibromyalgia, pain from shingles
8.Risperdal: 1 � mg to 2 mg per day (duration unknown) typically used for bipolar, schizophrenia
9.Low Dose Naltrexone 3.5 mg at night time typically used for drug addiction in much higer dosage, but used for many applications in low dosage.
10 Wellbrutrin 5 mg twice daily typically used for depression, ADHD
11. Some have reported that over-the-counter allergy meds like regular Claritin, Claritin D and Vistaril may also have the same benefit.

Notice that #11 is two over the counter meds that likewise have been reported to help.

Also notice that Zolof, Abilify, Doxepin, and Wellbrutrin are typically used of anxiety and or depression. If you have have not been anxious, depressed or nervous as a result of having to deal with these skin parasites, then I'd say that's amazing. Again, I would not call anxiety, depression, and nervousness psychiatric disorders although they are classified as psychological disorders. In my opinion, psychiatric disorders are better reserved for schizophrenia including delusions and hallucinations, bipolar, anti social, paranoia, and the like.

There should be no problem obtaining scripts for Doxepin, Abilify, Zolof, or Wellbrutrin from most any doctor. And of course, no problem obtaining Claritin or Vistaril from your pharmacy. If you need help obtaining orap or low dose Naltrexone, if your doctor won't, our Doctor Su Can work with you from the convenience of your own home.

He is also familiar with Dr. Savely's protocol for Morgellons disease treatment and can prescribe the various antibiotics on how to treat Morgellons.