Diagnosing Morgellons and Lyme Disease 3/20/18
I have been suffering from Morgellons for almost 3 yrs now and I didn't realize what it was until about 2 yrs ago ...it literally has been the most painful and emotional thing I have ever had to go through and let me tell ya I have experienced a lot near and far. I have been to at least 6 dermatologist, 4 NPs , and have been waiting on my referral to go through for infectious disease now that I think I finally understand how to deal with it...the new Loreal clay masks ( yellow or red are my favorite) and Gold bond healing lotion has been a miracle from God himself.

Ok to the point ...I finally got a doc to at least run labs for Lyme Disease and it came back Neg. ...so does everyone with Morgellons usually test positive for it? Also I found a doc in California ...Dr. Karjoo? He says if u send him $150 he will send u a kit to send back skin specimens, a piece of your hair off your head, and anything that you have collected from the lessons. Then he will send you back a report stating if you do or do not have Morgellons and then you can either purchase his kit that he created which is a scrub, lotion and a soap.

My question is should I trust this or not?? Just asking for your opinion. Thanks for your time and all you have helped me through my most terrible times of my life...will I ever get back the life I used to live or will I continue to be self conscious and isolated because of embarrassment? I know u can't really answer that just venting although I can say today is my birthday and I honestly don't have anymore open lesions anywhere on my body and I have been able to exfoliate most of the scar tissue off of my face so I can say I actually have plans for this birthday for the first time in 3 yrs and I'm actually excited about it. I'm slowly getting out of this deep depression hopefully...thanks again for all the time you have taken to help so many people who are in such a bad place and have no where to turn until they find you and things start to make sense.

Happy Birthday,

It doesn't take $150 to know if you have Morgellons. Just read my book or
Dr. Savely's book. Aside from a strange wolf-like abnormality where people grow lots of facial hair, Morgellons is the only one associated with filaments growing from your skin or from lesions. Sometimes, they are so small they can't be seen with naked eye and you need a 30X scope to see them. But, if you can't see them, people always report finding a cotton or lint like substance in bedding clothing--a dead give away that Morgellons is there.

Additionally, I'm told that Dr. Karjoo's lab is not a recognized medical lab.Therefore, no reputable doc reading his labs gives it credibility. in other words, it means nothing to anyone else other than you and he.

In fact, it's not just and only Morgellons, there's also mites, Collembola, skin fungus and so on that may also be accompanying. I've attached a questionnaire from which I can educate you (since I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose).

Regarding feedback re Dr. Karjoo--soaps expensive, help a little, but not worth the money.

I can't say 100% of the people that use my approach sing my praises either, but I do have hundreds and hundreds of testimonials. You can read many on Amazon if you look up my book
How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites and you can see nearly 90 more if you go to www.DebridingSoap.com and click on the testimonial link in the left navigation bar. There were so many, I stopped recording them about three years ago.

Whatever, you do, it's my opinion that you won't experience significant improvement without a diet and from what I see, mine is the best and most specific there is.

Regarding Lyme disease,
the tests. even the Western Blot, are not very reliable as they seem to have many false negatives.

Personally, I was tested for Lyme by microscopy and was found to have it. The microscopy photos are in my book. Unfortunately it's difficult to find labs that use microscopy. I underwent long term antibiotics involving Zithromax, Biaxin, and Bactrim along with an anti fungal and within a couple years after, the symptoms of Lyme almost put me in a wheel chair.

Study reported in my book, states, “Our study using multiple detection methods in Morgellons disease patients confirms that MD is a true somatic illness associated with Borrelia spirochetes that cause Lyme disease."

Dr. Bill Rawls tells his story about how he beat Lyme and fibromyalgia using herbs and has his own line of herbs that he sells. My comment is that, even though there are vitamins and minerals in herbs, your body is not deficient in herbs. I'm not poo pooing herbs--no I'm not. But, it's very highly likely that your body is deficient in vitamins, minerals, and glutathione.

Just as Dr. Rawls stumbled upon his protocol of herbs, I stumbled upon specific supplements that allowed me to beat Lyme disease. And, if you read the literature at Pubmed you'll find 80,000 studies that demonstrate dangers of a glutathione deficiency. From boosting glutathione and arming my body with allicin (our Garcillin product) I got 99.5% of my life back from Lyme.

In my new book, Spirochetes Don't Scare Me, which I'm in the middle of writing, I suggest that before any Lyme sufferer does antibiotics, herbs, cleanses, and so on that they simply address nutritional deficiencies as I have done with our
Collembola/Lyme Pack which is comprised of a multi vitamin, MaxOne Glutathione accelerator, Garcillin (allicin), and ionic minerals.