Many More Women Than Men 3/19/18


A few days ago the update, Many More Women Than Men was about my findings of far more women than men seem to be affected with Morgellons symptoms or at least, more concerned about Morgellons disease than men. The update was precipitated by an earlier update where Morgellons' sufferer wanting her good looks back, I Want My Face Back where I suggested several products from our on-line store.

Here are some of the comments I received.

Hi Richard,
Thank you for acknowledging this phenomena.  I heard a male doctor interviewed the other day on Bulletproof radio who said that women are just more sensitive, probably something to do with carrying the eggs and their hormonal shifts.  This doctor said for years we have discounting women's symptoms as hysteria etc, which has been a great disservice.   I can tell you my husband does not react to a bug bite like I do.  He doesn't even feel it so much and it never swells up like it does on me.  He so so much stronger physically and he cannot understand why I suffer.  When you have something unusual, like what you deal with Richard, women meet with an unprecedented amount of resistance from their husbands. It is very challenging to be in such a marriage.

Thank you for all you do.
I appreciate you!!


"Hi Richard, 
My army vet husband has Morgellons, along with myself. Great, strong guy. Above average citizen, all in my quite biased opinion. 
The last thing on earth he would ever admit is that he has Morgellons. He faithfully humors me by swifting the bed each night. And my outfit/coat before leaving house. But that's the extent o f his cooperation and involvement of a cure.

My best girlfriend says the same. She and spouse have Morgellons. Spouse in complete denial, despite proof on both of our parts. He does nothing but harm to her and environment.

You know even better then we, two, here, how many things our men are doing or refusing to take part in,  to reinfect us. I bet this is true in most cases. 
Thank you."


Yes, it likes women after menopause. Especially if you have a compromised immune system

"I find this incredibly interesting.  I wonder, is it really women who alone have these attacks or are the men simply fighting off the disease more quickly.  If you remember I was sure that my husband was not only carrying, but I did see some bites on him. He did little to accommodate me or himself, but, now he seems to be just fine. Truly,  He did have me to spray constantly and do the laundry.   I believe this is probably a deeper question than can be answered quickly.

Thanks for sharing the info"


I thank everyone for writing.  Crista makes an important point in that Morgellons Disease not only challenges one's health, but also challenges one's relationship. I hear this time and time again. It seems that not only do men seem to be less affected by skin parasites, but they also seem less understanding or compassionate when their spouse is affected.

I can only speculate that they either believe the
ignorant doctors that deny the existence of Morgellons Disease, or that they feel inadequate and end up going into denial rather than be compassionate. Denial may be easier than to admit that they too are helpless in the face of these parasites--just my speculation. I'm still trying to figure out how the CDC can deny it's existence with the preponderance of evidence growing from infected skin. In fact, just as I'm writing this, there's a news flash. I went to the internet to find a CDC rendition of it's flawed research and just found that the CDC has finally recognized Morgellons as a viable disease --hooray. Click here to read the report which is titled CDC Confirm Morgellons is a Real Disease dated Oct of 2017. It's amazing someone hasn't seen this and reported it to me. Even the Mayo Clinic has changed their spiel.

And Jeanette's experience goes a step further in the divide that skin parasites create in relationships. The problem is that Jeanette's husband becomes an obstacle to her getting her life back. Of course, if her husband reads
Dr. Savely's book, a renown expert on Morgellons Treatment, states unequivocally that disinfection of your surroundings is a waste of time, then how can Jeanette be upset with her husband?

Yet, all of us who are infected, know that disinfection is one of the primary goals to accomplish to getting your life back whether you're dealing with Morgellons, Collembola, mites, or skin fungus. Perhaps it's not an issue if you're on strong antibiotics such as Dr. Savely uses in her treatment of Morgellons.

And Clair's experience is typical--Morgellons does not affect everyone equally. Some are never affected, some are dramatically affected, and some are minimally affected and  then not at all.

The CDC should study these people whose bodies can fight off the disease on their own--maybe a serum could be made from their blood. Of course, again, I am just speculating