Evil Monsanto Created Morgellons Disease 12/17/18


As some of you may know, I am a chemical engineer. DuPont was my first employer and I worked in a manufacturing plant that produced ammonia--an inorganic chemical that we use for disinfecting. Later on, I took a job in New York city working for Chemico Construction Co designing plants to take petroleum from the ground and fractionate it into its various components--methane, ethane, propane, gasoline, diesel oil... Back then, I looked at the petroleum industry as the cat's meow. Today, I hope it dies a cruel death along with the politicians and greedy industrial machine that pollute our eco system spewing carcinogens and toxins into our air space from its combustion.

Back in the 70's I was of the opinion that we could manufacture anything we wanted to and was intrigued with the possibility of manufacturing food to solve world hunger. We could already make margarine--a butter substitute and my dream was to eventually land a job with a company to produce food in a chemical plant. Fortunately, I didn't stay in my dream world and changed careers to work in the field of stress management where I was awakened to the importance of nutrition and that the margarine I had thought was so great was what today is called a "trans-fat" which is very unhealthy to consume--it's the difference between a cis and and a trans isomer. They are actually molecules consisting of the same chemical composition but mirror images of each other. In the cis form, the molecule fits with the chemistry of the human body like a puzzle fits together. However, in the trans form, it's like trying to force a puzzle together--they don't work well.

That alone, convinced me to never want to mess with mother nature--she knew a hell of a lot more than I did. Unfortunately, the young aspiring and older greedy chemists and engineers at Monsanto didn't fully study glyphosate. Zack Bush MD, in his second video, Eat Dirt! And Thrive" Full Lecture presented by Perfect Earth Project reveals that glyphosate was originally used as an antibiotic. However, when the scientists at Monsanto discovered that it killed vegetation, they decided to market it as an herbicide and never studied the impact of releasing millions of tons of the antibiotic into the environment.

It's water soluble so it gets into our water and food where it gradually destroys healthy bacterium in the body to let all kinds of misery loose--cancer, Lyme disease and so on. And as reported in a previous update, 
Lyme Spirochetes Found in Morgellons Patients, Morgellons disease is a variation of Lyme disease. Through deductive reasoning, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson would give Monsanto the award for creation of Morgellons disease.

And if you think that, we with Morgellons, are the only tragedy in this world play staring humanity, watch his video. Morgellons is only a tiny part of the tip of the iceberg. Monsanto's discovery is destroying all of humanity and contributing not only to cancer, but every and all immune diseases such as lupus, Parkinson's, arthritis... Add to that leaky gut and all it's complications, brain disorders, renal issues, and so on. Humanity is at a cross roads and Morgellons is only a small part of it.

Add to that the disasters we have created by depending on plastics resulting in pollution of the oceans destroying wild life and the impact of climate change melting the polar ice caps--all for the greedy corporate machine to spike Wall Street stocks and bonus's for corporate execs.

I don't know what connection might between certain species of Collembola going crazy on humans and glyphosate, but it seems likely that there's also a connection here too. Looks like I should change the title of my book to, How to Get Your Life Back from Monsanto and Other Greedy Herbicide Companies.

Unfortunately, those who are there to protect us, the FDA, have executives of Monsanto rotating in and out of their doors as chief administrators in the FDA (
Look at How Revolving Door Spins Between FDA to Industry). So, forget the FDA, our best hope is for more class action law suits to take down Monsanto and eventually Bayer (parent company of Monsanto) so that it's recognized to be as bad as DDT, which by the way was another product produced by Monsanto. Round Up (glyphosate) is the modern asbestos. And, today I saw that its been found that Johnson and Johnson has been allowing asbestos in their powder. Can you believe that? Baby powder with asbestos after all the negative publicity against it? And a company like Johnson and Johnson--a most trusted company for decades and decades deceiving us? So now we have evil Johnson and Johnson too?

Another approach is to have local governments and states ban the use of glyphosate. California is one such state that is looking into banning it as a
carcinogen. As far as the weeds go, either get some exercise and pull them or make your own as follows,

"Combine one gallon of vinegar with two cups of salt and two tablespoons of dish soap (stir until the salt dissolves) and it will work even faster. The combination probably won’t work as fast as Roundup – and may need more applications. But it also won’t cause cancer." 

And instead of using Bayer's insecticide, use our plant shield which is made from renewable plant sources and actually degrades pesticides and herbicides such as glyphosate previously used.