Evil Monsanto Found Guilty 8/16/18


From what I've been told and now believe, evil Monsanto, now owned by Bayer, is the cause of much health related misery in our country and maybe the world. Their Round-up pesticide has been touted by them as being safe enough to drink a teaspoon--not that anyone has ever done it. Well, they held their party too soon and released it upon the world and it's now just been proven in a court of law to cause cancer.  Jury finds Monsanto Guilty I would love to see every executive at that company drink a teaspoon of it.

And why would Bayer ---evil producer of pesticides that kill honey bees--buy Monsanto to be evil magnified? Answer: There's money in evil. 

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Everyone knows how big the cover up about asbestos was for years. Well,  Monsanto is the genetic engineering brain of GMO's (genetically modified organisms). They did it with corn. They genetically modified corn so it would be resistant to insects and bugs. What a feat and it would be a good development if they had run tests for 50 years to see how it affects human health and fixed the problems, but they didn't. The money mongrels jumped right in and introduced it to the world without adequate tests.

Of course, everything in this country has to be approved by the glorious FDA, Food and Drug Administration. So, we're protected right? Answer: When it comes to GMO and pesticides like Round UP that get into our agricultural food supply, it's like asking a group of raccoons and weasels to protect your chickens. Go ahead and research the top personnel at the FDA and you'll see that they have been head haunchos at Monsanto--a well known fact that there a rotating door between the FDA and Monsanto executives. So, in many respects, the FDA may be complicit in this Round Up debacle and just as responsible as Monsanto.

The best thing now would be for a class action law suit to take down evil Monsanto and strike a dagger in the heart of the FDA.

I smell a class action law suite on behalf of every Morgellons sufferer within the next decade because of their careless GMO program. All that is needed is a whistle blower from Monsanto. One of our subscribers, Jane, is our dream girl come true. She knows how to research research. Me, I'd need ten dictionaries to read one research paper. I don't know why the snobs that do research have to only use technical jargon to impress their fellow researchers, but she knows how to comprehend the jargon and is finding the following paragraph to be true. If all goes well, she will have a book to publish and I'll help her in any way I can.

Corn is the feed stock of most all animals used for human consumption meaning that genetic manipulation ends up in humans day in and day out--unless you're vegetarian or vegan. But, if you eat corn, then being vegan or vegetarian doesn't matter unless you only eat non GMO food. Why is this an issue for those with Morgellons and Collembola? Answer: it just might turn out to be a significant contributing factor to both health issues exploding in the last two decades. Of course that statement says nothing new, but Jane has identified the specific chemical compounds released to the environment by their handiwork. For instance, they are high in specific phosphates that cause the granular things on the skin found by Morgellon's sufferers. Round up is Glyphosate
. And, that's not all, she has discovered the reason why the King Diet works--it's low in phosphates. More, to come--I promise.

In the meantime, instead of using Round Up, to kill weeds, the news release offers the following option:
"Combine one gallon of vinegar with two cups of salt and two tablespoons of dish soap (stir until the salt dissolves) and it will work even faster. The combination probably won’t work as fast as Roundup – and may need more applications. But it also won’t cause cancer."  And instead of using Bayer's insecticide, use our plant shield which is made from renewable plant sources and actually degrades pesticides previously used.