Are you Taking Minerals to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons Disease?  7/31/2022


Just a couple days ago I sent out blog post titled "Are you Taking a Multivitamin to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons Disease? $50 Challenge"

No one received the $50 challenge as every multi vitamin in the market place, except for our NG Multivitamin has ingredients that are not compatible with the King Diet. A few, who received the email did order our multivitamin but still only about 5% of those opening my emails are taking a multi compatible with the King Diet.

Following is an email Bruce sent in in response to that update - he's one of the 5%.

"Hello Richard,
Thanks for all the great emails and super cool info that you're sending me, keep it coming. 
It just so happens I'm in you're 5% group. I have and will continue to buy and use NG Multivitamins and NG Multi Mineral supplement. I also take Max One and other supplements as well. I currently have no parasitic or other health issues, however I do believe in working on keeping as healthy as possible. Thank you for all that you do for all of us."

                                       Bruce S.

Again, I'm not going to mince words {!firstname_fix}. If you have  been dealing with skin parasites, your health and immune functioning has been compromised! And the very first thing to address is your vitamins and minerals. YOU NEED THEM BOTH to help rebuild your body and skin.

Please tell me, {!firstname_fix}, what are you doing to get the minerals your body needs? I hope you are not expecting me to go to the internet and list ten references that will convince you that you need minerals and vitamins. Please do that for yourself and don't buy into the myth that you get all the vitamins and minerals from the foods that you eat. Modern fertilizers simply do not contain vital minerals your body needs.

Why is this a problem, {!firstname_fix}?
First, if you're serious about getting your life back, multivitamins  and minerals are a super important aspect of accomplishing that goal. The first step to laying a foundation of health.

Secondly, the only minerals I know of - and I looked at dozens of them - that are totally compatible with the King Diet are:
► Nature's GiftTM Ionic Minerals aka Coral Calcium, containing over 70 vital minerals in the quantitative ratio your body needs. The advantage is that the minerals are completely bio available meaning your body has to do absolutely nothing to utilize them. Click here to read all about the amazing benefits of ionic minerals
►Nature's GiftTM Multi Minerals with no additives.

The ionic minerals are also available in the Pack of Life Pack also containing MaxOne and Garcillin and the Multi Mineral Caps are also available in the Multi Vitamin Mineral Combo Pack.

Don't delay {!firstname_fix}, - Get Started Today and order your multiminerals.