It has come to my attention that we are not selling enough ionic minerals 1/15/19


Please don't misunderstand me, this is not a problem for our bank account--it's a problem for your health. Let me repeat, I don't say that "we are not selling enough ionic minerals" because we're not making enough money. I say it because Monsanto has destroyed your natural mineral supply with their Round Up herbicide. Round up (glyphosate), is used on as much as 85% of our food supply and it interferes with the ability of the crops it's used on to uptake minerals from the soil, thus our food supply is deficient in minerals and our body needs them to be and stay healthy.

Supplementing minerals is now more important than ever. You don't need them just because you have Morgellons or are dealing with Collembola, you simply need them to live, but even more so because you have Morgellons or have been ravaged by skin parasites. And, of all the ways of doing it, ionic minerals from coral calcium is superior for several reasons:

1. It turns out  that the ratio of over 70 minerals found in coral calcium are in the most effective ratio for the human body.

2. The minerals are 100% bio available. In other words they are not in the form such as Calcium Carbonate (commonly known as chalk) or calcium gluconate or magnesium citrate hat has to be broken down by the body to extract the calcium or magnesium or any other mineral which might only yield 30% of the mineral being utilized.

3. Ionic minerals are shown to affect the
Rouleaux effect (a measure of the tendency of the blood to clump) which results in less clumping of the blood.

4. Ionic minerals raise the Ph of your system making it more alkaline--a general goal in fighting any disease.

5. You can remove the spent coral from from the sachets to:

    a. use in your bath water to absorb toxins from your skin and then flush down the drain.

    b. consume the spent coral to effectively deal with indigestion.

    c. put into your drain as a cleaner.

    d. feed your plants.

For these plus other reasons you can read about at it's very smart to always infuse your water with minerals.

The best water to use is distilled water, but it's hard to find without being in a cheap plastic jug which are known for being contaminated with microscopic plastic particles. The next best source are the 5 gallon jugs in the lexan (hard plastic jugs). Check their chemical analysis to insure the quality of water. You can also use the infused water to brew coffee and tea or cook your pasta.

Add one sachet daily to your drinking jug (glass or lexan) and add water to it through out the day as needed. Try to drink 6 to 8 eight oz glasses of water daily.

Every several weeks you can dump out the used sachets into a bowl and let them dry before using as instructed above.