Using Your Mind to Defeat Morgellons Part III 6/16/19


This update is about the next and final step--how to program your brain to produce results. And that's through what is called a "Command Statement." The command statement programs your brain. Please note that how this statement is phrased is important.

For instance, if you were to tell your best friend that he must, has to, or got to do something or you need him, he most likely would not like or resist your bossy or demanding attitude. Likewise, using phrases like "have to," "need," "got to," and "must" creates anxiety with oneself. Anxiety causes the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to activate--not what we want to happen.

Instead, the command statement is phrased as follows:
I prefer...
I'd like...
I desire...
I want...

These statements do not produce anxiety and are accepted by the brain. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but believe me it is. Your command statement would be something like this:
"I prefer to figure out where I made a mistake and get it right."
"I'd like to discover why I'm still itching."
"I desire understanding."
"I want to figure out where the organisms are coming from."

Now, your creative intelligence goes to work and discovers where you're getting reinfected in your environment. Or, you might go to the package or can of food you were eating and double check the ingredients and find that it has an offending ingredient. For instance, soy can be listed about 40 different ways as an ingredient.

The goal here is to release creativity and solve the problem.

Yet, if you're having trouble going to sleep, the command statement can be very direct, as in my Sleep Through the Night Program. "I command my right little to to sleep." And you do this for each toe, and onto each part of your body until you end up drifting off to sleep about the time you reach your upper leg.

Affirmations and prayer tools--Vitamins for your Mind

A vitamin is a catalyst. I've heard time and time again, even twice in last Sunday's call that sufferers found my book after praying for a solution. One's prayer led her to the Mayo clinic where somehow she was directed to my book--indeed, a strange path.

Prayer and affirmations do not have to be religiously connected although many sufferers are religious. Suffering from skin parasites has a way of bringing out one's appeal to God for help. They may make all kinds of promises to God if he heals them--it's typical. Whether you believe in God or a supreme intelligence is immaterial. Prayer (affirmations) releases creativity.

The affirmation becomes a command statement. Affirmations have been apart of me for decades. And, there's a trick to affirmations that separates them from the power of positive thinking (discussed in a Part I) that you should know about.

For instance, "I am healthy," is an affirmation. But, it also sounds like a lie, wishful thinking, or just an attempt at positive thinking because you can come up with many reasons why the statement is not true today. What's important to note is that words have vibrations and that they are FREE--no one sells them--free to be owned by everyone. This fact clears up the confusion about the difference between "wishful thinking" and effective commands for the brain. Release the power of affirmations with my CD program titled,

Affirmations/prayer can be short such as, "I am healthy." Your creative brain goes to work to create health without specific instruction. Caution: "I am becoming healthy," is short of your target for the vibration says that you are not healthy now so you are owing the lack of health--not what you want.

Let's summarize:
In response to your brain saying, "This program is bogus," the reply is, "Thank you my intelligence, You believe this program is bogus because I am still itching like crazy. Thanks for your opinion, I am healthy."

And you can add to "I am healthy," a command, "and I prefer my creative intelligence to figure out the mistake/s I'm making."

Load up on Affirmations:

In several of the past Sunday calls, I suggested putting a post it on your rear view mirror that says, "Take A Deep Breadth," as a reminder to do deep breathing, as you're waiting for the light to change, to manage stress. You can add to that post it, "Affirmation." So, as you find your self at a red light, you check your rear view mirror and the post-it reminds you of what to do: Deep abdominal breaths as you repeat the affirmation of your choice over and over. Flood your mind with the affirmation for as long as you can.

Margie, our leader for the first part of the Sunday meeting, devotes a period of time in the morning for prayer and affirmation. Look at your typical day and choose times and places where you can do your affirmations/prayers.

The idea is to get into this--submerge yourself in affirmation and deep breathing and eventually you'll appreciate an affirmation like this one: "The supreme creative intelligence within me knows how to take food, water, and air from external sources of my body and through the process called "assimilation" convert them into life sustaining energy that keeps my heart beating, my lungs breathing, my organs healthy, my nerve pathways clear, my muscles strong, every cell within my body alive with radiant tingling energy such that I see that which is appropriate, sense that which is appropriate, hear that which is appropriate, and communicate that which is appropriate. I know it, I feel it, it is so."

Defeating Morgellons and other skin parasites is to:
1. King Diet
2. Disinfect surroundings
3. Deep clean your skin
4. Build health and immune functioning with specific supplements
5. Use the power of your mind
6. Manage stress

In a future update, we'll look at how primitive emotions can mess up and sabotage progress in getting your life back. A free course is available by going to my other website about stress management and register. You'll receive one lesson each month and it's free. While you're on the website, look over the offerings of stress management CDs for a wide variety of applications.

If you're inspired from what I'm sharing, do not pass GO, do not collect $200, go directly to Amazon and pay $15 for the best book about how to build true self esteem titled, My Dog Got Run Over by a Rainbow  ever written by yours truly. All the credit for this cognitive shift goes to my heroes from which I've learned so much: Dr Wayne Dwyer, Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Dr Isac Rubin, Dale Carnegie, Werner Erhardt, Kenneth Pellitier, Dr Joe Vitalie, Dr. Hans Selye, Robert Ringer, Barry Konicov, Rev Carol Whittaker, Dr. Herbert Benson, and others. Many of them have passed on but will forever have inspired me and been my role models.