Using Your Mind to Defeat Morgellons Disease Part I 6/7/19


This is the first of a two or more updates on this subject--it's a lot of what Margie and I do every Sunday in our Morgellons Event of the Week call.

"Garbage In--Garbage Out," is a phase coined decades ago to describe how computers work. And, it's true. If you program a computer ineffectively with garbage, you will get nothing of value out of it.

And, the same is true for the human brain. The human brain has always been thought to be the most sophisticated computer. Computer designers have for years striven to build a computer that can actually think like a human brain. But, maybe it's better if they don't succeed as shown in some science fiction movies a in 2001, A Space Odyssey where Hal, the computer, takes over the space ship and goes haywire.

StarTrek's Data, cyborg life form, was always striving for human attributes. And, we humans have all of them--often to a fault. As the phrase, "Garbage In--
Garbage Out," can result in suicide for some suffering with Morgellons Disease. 

Our brain goes haywire for different reasons. Here are a couple of them:
1. just as we catch colds, influenza, and viruses, we also catch suggestions. For instance, one of my clients (a few years ago when I had a practice in stress management and created over 50 self help CD's) had been seeing me for months regarding his blood pressure. All this time, he always spoke of how fortunate he was to have a great relationship with his wife for over twenty years. Then one evening he and his wife were at a close friend's house where they learned that their friends were splitting up--divorcing. My client was in shock to learn of this as he never suspected that they had any issues. This couple gave the impression of being in the perfect marriage.

What suggestion did my client catch? It's obvious with the next question he asked me, "Maybe my wife and I are not really happy--maybe we're not meant for each other too."

That thought never entered his mind until he learned of this other couple's decision to split.

2. Conclusions we come to based on limited facts. This is a biggie, especially for Morgellons and skin parasite sufferers. Doctor after doctor you get the same result and are told it's in your head. Everything you try on your own works for a few days, if at all. You go on the internet and find a dozen "wild goose chases," and after dumping thousands of dollars (that is if you had that much), you conclude that it's hopeless--the disease is going to the grave with you.

I identified with this one. And, had thoughts of ending my life rather than the relentless ongoing suffering with little hope. It's an easy suggestion to catch or adopt. And a dangerous one as it has led to many suffering from Morgellons disease to commit suicide. Fortunately, I didn't give it the power it wanted and stayed in the ring with it as I encourage you to do also.

Our brain, this incredible unlimited computer, can be our best friend or our worse enemy if we lack the skill in programming it. It can hand you anything you want on a silver platter or it can hand you self destruction. And, it's totally up to you.

Let me explain: Have you ever thought that you were your own worse enemy? That even your worse enemy (if you had one) could not do more to mess up your life than you have?

Again, in working with thousands of clients over the years, that theme has shown up in nearly all clients--sad but true. Instead of liking themselves 100%, they most often found criticism with something about themselves. Maybe they didn't like their physical appearance, weight, self defeating habits, ability to build friendships, succeed at work, love relationships, and so on. Yes, doctors, politicians, lawyers, engineers, judges, business owners, home makers and mothers, corp presidents, students, white collar, blue collar... were all guilty of this thinking. There was often little that they liked about themselves--they didn't live up to their expectations. Their self esteem was at or close to zero.

Of course much of this was from catching suggestions from others--perhaps are youngsters--that they were not good enough, or were too high strung, or too lazy, or too fat, or too whatever.

I have no idea if I hit any of your nails "on the head," but suspect so. I know that most of this all used to be true for me, but fortunately, as I learned how to operate my brain (computer), I moved away from the zero portion of the scale and went way up pretty quickly. If you're in a similar boat with respect to low self esteem, you must pick up your own copy of my book, available on Amazon, My Dog Got Run Over by a Rainbow. I guarantee it is worth thousands of dollars and the most comprehensive and instructional book ever written on how to build healthy self esteem. Unfortunately, the way most of us have been taught to build self esteem in a manner that actually contributes to life crisis.

Well, I'm not writing these updates to sell you on my book. I'm going to share some of the concepts in the book that you can use to offset the "garbage in."

Fact is, there's always going to be "garbage in." Many call it "negative thinking." It tells us how limited we are and how helpless we are. It judges us, demeans us, criticizes us, and potentially can ruin our lives. And, it's primarily a result of catching suggestion or coming to conclusion without sound facts.

The end result often is that we end up being our own worse enemy.

So, the question is, "How do I become my own best friend?" You might think it an impossible undertaking for after all the years of trying to succeed, you've more often fallen short.

In my next update, I'll reveal how easy it is. And, you'll use the mental advantage to create t
he creativity to beat Morgellons and other skin parasites. using the King Diet and, our productsto deep clean your skin.

In the meantime, you can get a head start by listening to the recording of the last Sunday Call in which I summarized the process. And, this update will provide a preamble to the meat of the last that call on 6/2/19.

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Qualities of Resiliency

  • Optimism. It has been shown that those who are extremely optimistic tend to show greater resilience, which has implication for practicing thinking patterns that enhance a person’s positive view of his or her options, thereby increasing creativity and problem solving ability. Remember, creativity is the "Mother of Invention," and ultimately what will support you in getting your life back.

  • Altruism. Those who are resilient often found that helping others was one way to handle extreme stress, which can also be used therapeutically as a recovery too.

  • Moral Compass. Those who are resilient have some base beliefs that cannot be shattered despite apparent conditions.

  • Faith and Spirituality Practice

    Those who are resilient often practice some type of daily prayer or spiritual practice. This could be to a religious God or a any other spiritual practice that contemplates the great mystery and beauty of life with gratitude and connection to the “greater good”.

  • Humor

    Learning how to reframe situations and experiences in a humorous way can increase your capacity to hand stress related situations successfully which increase connection with others and increases physical healing. Seeking out laughter through entertainment and light hearted company increases fun and relaxation.

   • Having a role model

Resilient people are open to learning new skills and use role models or mentors to draw strength to do so. “Success breeds success. Find a person who is successful in your personal goal and follow their path.

  • Social support
    Having regular contact with others who can be trusted, either family, friend or therapist, increases resiliency,  particularly during difficult times. Being able to share our more difficult thoughts, experiences and feelings with an empathetic listener can increase healing and resiliency.

  • Facing fear
    Being willing to leave one’s comfort zone is found to be an attribute of resiliency.

  • Having a mission in life
    Resilient people are goal setters. They understand what their primary goals and purpose in life is at any moment in time. They understand the value of “one point focus” and “stick-to-it-iveness” to meet goals. They understand that it is their responsibility to set boundaries with their time and energy. They can recognize and evaluate competing activities and evaluate and manage them effectively.

  • Training
    Practice, practice, practice !” One can train to become a resilient person by experience and meeting challenges and viewing all of one’s life as an opportunity to become stronger.

Although not on this list, physical and intellectual exercise can also help one to develop psychological resilience.

Physical and intellectual challenges help you to improve your brain function and improves the mental and physical stamina which helps you to keep moving in a forward positive direction.

Best to you, my dear fellow healers" … Margie


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