The Lyme Disease and  Morgellons Connection 1/28/2020


The topic of last Sunday's Conference call was Lyme Disease.

According to the research posted on the Morgellons Research site, 90% of those with Morgellons has a form of Lyme disease as reported in an article titled, The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation Announces A New Study That Strengthens Association Between Tickborne Infections And Morgellons Disease. "Borrelia organisms including Bb and RFB comprise a family of corkscrew-shaped bacteria called spirochetes. In this corroborative study, 90% of the Morgellons patients tested positive for Borrelia spirochetes. Among these patients with skin disease, 23% were positive for Bb alone, 50% for RFB alone, and 17% for both. “This is a huge percentage compared to the general population,” says Fesler."
The irony is that some assume that Morgellons comes from ticks since Lyme disease has initially caused by infected deer ticks. In my many years of working with Morgellons people, no one has ever noted that they developed Morgellons from ticks. Mites, bed bugs, carpet beetles, slime mold, insects, but not ticks.

This update is an update based on my 4/9/19 Blog post, Antibiotics for Lyme Disease and Morgellons Disease. It started out to be one or two paragraphs and ended up a research project like this one has become. If Lyme disease is of interest to you, you'll want to read the 4/19/19 post, this one, and my free report Lyme Disease Doesn't Have to Own You Anymore--see below.

A little background: Twelve years ago after finally getting my life back from skin parasites, Lyme disease almost destroyed my life with 24/7 inflammation and knee pain and I was unable to even write my name--motor skill. Fortunately, for me, I happened upon the right supplements to reclaim my life from Lyme disease and have been pain and inflammation free for many years and recently reclaimed my ability to write my name.

My free report, Lyme Disease Doesn't Have to Own You Anymore outlines the various treatments used
• Rifing
• Vitamin C and Salt
• Oxygen Therapy
• Antibiotics

The most effective treatment is to use as many of the treatments as possible switching from one to the next. Reason being is that the Lyme spirochetes are known to assemble into colonies and protect themselves with biofilm when threatened. Thus continued use of antibiotics along with anti fungals is of little if any value, and it's better to rotate treatments.  

Now consider this: 
Fact One: The article referenced above says if you have Morgellons, you have Lyme disease and Lyme disease can be a killer.
Fact Two: Many many who have used my protocol and recommendations have gotten their lives back without antibiotics or using any of the above mentioned treatments.
What does that say? Answer: You may not have to treat Lyme disease to get beyond it.

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease from microscopy. It was dormant for years and when I finally went to see one of the doctors referenced in my book for skin parasites, Dr Bransfield in Middletown, NJ, he treated me with antibiotics rotating Zithromax, Biaxin, and Bactrim with anti fungals. I didn't have Morgellons, but was trying to get rid of Collembola medically. Prior to the antibiotics I had no symptoms of Lyme disease--it was dormant as it can be for years.

I was amazed that with the rotation of antibiotics and mepron for babesia, I didn't even need the King Diet™ and thought I was cured of mites and skin parasites.
At that time, I didn't even know what Collembola was--just assumed, as he did, that I had Morgellons. Remember, even today, there are no diagnostic tests for Morgellons.

Turns out that he along with most of the physicians associated with the Morgellons Foundation treat Morgellons as they would Lyme disease. They are called LLMD's (Lyme literate medical doctors).

After 6 months of antibiotics and antifungals I was afraid of coming off them for fear my immune system would fail me by itself. That didn't happen, but shortly after I stopped the antibiotics, the itching and biting symptoms returned and I went back to my primary physician for a script of orap. She informed me that in speaking with the dermatologist that initially prescribed ORAP, that the new medication of choice was Zyprexa (an anti pshychotic used generally for schizophrenia). I didn't question it and began with the Zyprexa which seemed to benefit me and allowed me to advance from stage I to stage II of the diet.

But then things went helter skelter. While visiting my uncle, I got bit by a spider and was dramatically affected. Over the course of a couple months, Lyme disease reared it ugly head like never before. I added Cat's Claw and another potion recommended by a.DQ. (Doctor of Osteopathy)

The skin parasites were under control and no longer and issue for me, but the Lyme got worse and worse to the point I was with an inflamed knee and pain 24/7. It was so bad, I had to use a stick to control the gas pedal of my car as it was too painful to use my foot. It even became impossible for me to write anything--couldn't even sign my name.

At age 61, I realized that my life was basically over as I had known it. It looked like a wheel chair was in my crystal ball.

I had always been using a quality multivitamin and using NG ionic minerals, but they were not enough.

Fortunately for me, one of the people in my skin parasites program sent me a bottle of MaxOne glutathione accelerator and told me that it cured her of Morgellons. I didn't have Morgellons and really had no reason to take the capsules as I had no idea it would make a difference with anything. But, I took them as recommended and was surprised that after 6 weeks, 90% of my pain and discomfort was gone. Only if I got stressed out--like running late for a meeting--would the pain flare up.

I was impressed and did a glutathione trial where I paid for the MaxOne and gave it out for a 50% discount to those who wanted to see if it made a difference for Morgellons. Bottom line--it made a big difference for most of those who participated in the small study.

Later, I found research that indicated glutathione inhibits Morgellons. However, i didn't recommend it for Collembola until years later when I was reinfected and found that I had trouble with Stage I of the diet kicking in. Much to may amazement, just before eating my lunch, I took an extra capsule of MaxOne and was amazed that the itching went away and allowed the diet to kick in.

Back to Lyme disease. About five years after I added MaxOne, which by the way is the only formula that is compatible with the diet, I was introduced to our Garcillin product. Click hereto read an ebook about it. I took one capsule and my knee inflamed 100% with excruciating pain. Eventually I realized it was a detox reaction. I used a vibrating pillow to release the lymphatics in my knee and it took a about ten days for the pain and inflammation to go away. Today, I'd use our Agro Relief enzymes as I've read that the enzymes in Agro Relief diminishes the detox reactions.

In fact in the treatments of Lyme disease listed above, detox reactions often interfere with treatment because the typical way of dealing with detox reactions is to stop the treatment until the detox reaction goes away. This is a problem as the effective treatment is interrupted giving the pathogens time to adjust to the treatment. By using enzymes, treatment can continue uninterruped. One note: detox reactions can be very serious and life threatening. 

After my detox reaction cleared up, I reluctantly continued with the Garcillin and was amazed to find that within a year I was 99% free of Lyme symptoms, and after about 10 years my hand writing (neurological interfere) has returned to the normal bad hand writing I've always had.

I am not claiming that the supplements I used are a cure. I'm suggesting you start with the right nutritional supplements, and, any treatment, if needed, will be enhanced.

And, let's not forget the King Diet™. It is the ultimate diet for dealing with Lyme disease.

And why does boosting glutathione make a difference? Answer: If you research Lyme disease, you'll find that Lyme loves toxicity and glutathione is the body's major detoxifyer.
To summarize, along with the King Diet, the basic nutrients are:
1. a mutivitamin. We have a Puritan Pride multi that is compatible with stage I of the diet, and we have an even better vitamin by Piping Rock that can be used when you're in mid Stage II of the diet.
2. NG ionic minerals to supply all your mineral needs in ionic bio available form. Click here to discover why they are the best.
3. MaxOne which boosts intracellular glutathione by 270%. Click hereto read why it's the best.
4. NG Garcillin which Wikipediaclaims to be a natural antibiotic, anti protozoan, anti viral, and anti parasitic.
These four supplements are available in our Collembola/Lyme Pack for $160 monthly

Fortunately for me biofilm was never an issue. However, more recently, we've added a formulation of Chitosanse Enzymes that break up biofilm.

One last note: Proof is the pudding. Being that 90% of Morgellons sufferers have Lyme disease, it would seem that Lyme disease would be an insurmountable issue keepint people from getting their lives back, but that's not the case. Many, many use my recommendations and get their lives back and never even know they were dealing with Lyme disease.

In summary, improve your nutrition as noted above and treatment for Lyme may not be necessary. And, note that the Morgellons recommendations goes beyond these basic recommendations for Collembola/Lyme.

The Morgellons recommendations include the Chitosane enzymes, MSM capsules, L-Glutamine, Restore, Seracor enzymes, and boron. The Morgellons Pack Plus has all the recommended supplements for $327.45--a savings of about $50 over the individual pricing.

And if mites and fungal issues are also involved, to the Chitosanse enzymes, we recommend lufenuron

And, if you have a heart beat, it said that internal parasites are involved for which I recommend food grade diatomaceous earth, NG mouth wash and  fenbendazole.

And if digestion issues are a problem we have two enzymes for digestion--one with probiotics (Flouracor) and Agro Relief. However, until you reach mid stage II if the diet, probiotics are an issue if you're dealing with Collembola.

In summary, most of the bases are covered. If Babesia (protozoan is suspected) it's best to get tested and treatment is with Mepron. If Bartonella is an issue, again antibiotics are indicated. However, bartonella is often a non issue once Lyme is diminished.