Antibiotics for Lyme Disease and Morgellons Disease 4/8/19


This update started out to be no more than 2 paragraphs, but has turned out to be some kind of research project. Please read it over and over--it's important.

Lyme disease has proved itself to be an enigma. It's a bacterium so you'd expect that treatment would be an antibiotic treatment with doxycycline and that's right if it's caught early. However, it often isn't caught early on and after it's gone into organs, joints, and musculature it becomes chronic (after 6 months or longer without improving) antibiotics can lead to harmful outcomes. 

This is noted in my free report,
Lyme Disease Doesn't Have to Own You Anymore and recently echoed in a press release referencing a Canadian study, Lyme disease: Prolonged courses of antibiotics can ‘lead to harmful health outcomes’, according to Canadian experts where its stated, "Prescribing prolonged courses of antibiotics for patients experiencing symptoms attributed to Lyme disease can lead to harmful health outcomes, by Canada’s infectious disease experts."

When it comes to Morgellons Disease, research links Morgellons to Lyme diseasein that the Lyme organism is also found in Morgellons' sufferers. For a decade or so, the few doctors that treated Morgellons treated it as Lyme disease with antibiotics. And the results were mixed.

So, what do you do if antibiotics are off the table for both Morgellons aka Lyme disease? First of all, please do not assume that everyone who has chronic Lyme has Morgellons. That would be like saying cats have four legs, cows have four legs: therefore cats produce lots of milk. No, all it means is that there are different variations of the borrelia bungaforte spirochete. I Googled to find a reference explaining what the spriochete is and all I got was about six references to my book and free report--weird, weird. I expected Mayo Clinic, Wikipedia, clinical studies, and so on. For some reason that I don't understand, Google has blessed me at least for now as top dog. lol

Nevertheless, in the absence of antibiotics to rely upon, it means to look elsewhere. Lyme disease almost put me in a wheel chair ten years ago. Six months of a rotation of antibiotics (Biaxin, Zithromax, Biaxin) with anti fungals did not work. Some people are fortunate to have the law of probability reward them with millions from the instant lottery. The law of probability had one of my subscribers introduce me to MaxOne--and not for Lyme, but she claimed it cured her of Morgellons which back then we had no idea of the connection between Morgellons and Lyme disease. 

MaxOne (glutathione booster) along with the multivitamin and ionic minerals I was already using brought me back 95% from the 24/7 hideous effects of Lyme. Then, a few years ago, someone introduced me to an alternative to colloidal silver--Garcillin. Again, with no expectation about what affect it might have on the remaining 5% of Lyme symptoms, bang, I'm at 99.9% symptom free of Lyme disease. Lyme disease was something I dreaded since the 70's when I saw it destroy a young mother. It was a fear as bad as cancer and my fears almost became a reality.

My first recommendation in my free report, Lyme Disease Doesn't Have to Own You, is to adopt the King Diet along with a multivitamin,  NG ionic minerals, MaxOne, and Garcillin (
Lyme Pack). While this approach cured me, it has also benefited countless others who are dealing with Morgellons in getting their lives back. I can not claim it will cure anyone, I only recommend adopting these nutrients and diet before doing anything else--even if you are talked into antibiotics by the LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor).

One important thing to notice is that these nutrients are really necessary for everyone as a foundation for good health, thus the expense of dealing with Lyme disease is zero since these nutrients should be a part of everyone's daily intake from the get go and should never ever be stopped if one wants a shot to live a long healthy life.

You can obtain expensive infusions of glutathione (glutathione pushes), hyperbaric oxygen treatments, rifing or biofeedback therapy, or even go to Europe to a clinic where they raise your body temperature to about 106 degrees for a controlled period of time to destroy the bacterium.

But, first, you may want to give an essential oil approach a shot as explained in a previous update,
Killing Lyme Disease with Morgellons Cocktail which has 6 essential oils that have been reported to greatly benefit some sufferers. Note that due to the severity of the disease, you may have to use the essential oils for 6 months or more. Research at Johns Hopkins also reports the benefits of essential oils for dealing with Lyme disease.

An alternate would be to give
SSKI (Super Saturate Potassium Iodide) a try as reported in my 2/7/19 update.

Another alternative would be using 35% hydrogen peroxide.

But, hold your hats before you do the essential oils, peroxide, or the SSKI, the order in which you tackle organisms destroying your health is important. Kiki shared a
Q&A video by Dr. Jay Davidson & Dr. Todd Watts which is very informative and makes total sense. They say that the first thing to do is to make sure your elimination (poop and pee) is working well for this is where you're going to get rid of the toxins from your body. 

Then go in this order:
1. Get rid of internal parasites. My protocol includes two economical ones--
Diatomaceous earth and consuming the NG Mouth Wash. Do you have internal parasites? Their answer is that if you have a heart beat, you do--no need for expensive stool analysis or blood work. The internal parasites make it easier for disease to propagate in your body.
2. Support gut and intestinal health--we have estore, L-lutatmine and two digestive enzymes (Agro Relief and Flouracor) to accomplish this goal.
3. Next detoxify. Toxins like heavy metals give Lyme and other bacteria or viruses a home. We use MaxOne to accomplish this plus it reduces inflammation, brain fog, improves immune functioning, destroys free radicals to protect your DNA, increases the amount of oxygen carried by hemoglobin, and reduces premature aging of the cells.
4. Go after the bacteria, viruses, and fungi where we use Garcillin which is said to be an antibiotic, anti viral, anti protozoan, and anti fungal.
They have developed their own line of supplements (which I have no idea if they are or are not compatible with the King Diet) and in evaluating the function of them, I'd say that my protocol accomplishes the same results.

So, you might not start the essential oils, peroxide and SSKI until you've done the first three. Some experts recommend a rotation of therapies, i.e. don't depend on one approach. Do peroxide for several months, then shift to essential oils for several months and then to SSKI all while using the basic supplements in my protocol.

And, because Morgellons goes beyond the standard Lyme disease in how it affects your body, other supplements such as
Serracor systemic enzymes, MSM caps are often important. And since it may have ravaged your skin, polyphenols as in our Skin Regenerator is important.